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sona sasta Posts: 585
Ladies, just wondering if you think any old shampoo does the job as long as you have a good conditioner? Recently started using Kerastese conditioner and find it great but was wondering if i should splash out on the shampoo as well? Or stay with the old reliable 2/3 euro one? :o0
wispalover Posts: 240
Hi, my friend was only telling me at the weekend that her auntie is a hairdresser and you only need 1 good item so just having good conditioner is enough, she uses tesco 79c shampoo and a good conditioner! Might start doing it myself :wv
Insert-Name-Here Posts: 762
Funnily enough I recently started using the Kerastese shampoo and I think it is brilliant. The one I use is for greasy roots/dry ends and the difference after one wash was brilliant.
sineaddev Posts: 24
Hi I started using that Aussie Shampoo and conditioner and they are brilliant. The smell of both are class!! The difference in my hair is unbelieve...not dry or brittle anymore.
sona sasta Posts: 585
But do you think the shampoo is making a difference or just the conditioner?
Liesje Posts: 78
I have been reliably informed by my hairdresser that the shampoo is the most important part, because it is essentially a detergent, and the cheaper ones are very harsh. Imagine the difference between washing your face with washing up liquid and facial cleanser - both will clean your face, but long term the washing up liquid would strip your face dry! You need a good shampoo, and any old conditioner will do really. I recommend Aveda Shampure, or Schwarzkopf BlondMe (I think that's what it's called), which I get from my salon. But then again I have highlighted hair - I don't know your hair type!