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kbt Posts: 108
Hi there Just wondering if anyone has used shapes and shades for make up as well as hair and would they recommend them? Thanks in advance
kbt Posts: 108
just bumping
007 Posts: 1462
hi there are you talking about the newbridge studio? if so ive heard good things about their hairdressers but didnt know they did makeup too.. thats not to say they arent good, just never heard of them... sorry cant be more help!
lopats Posts: 692
Hi Kbt, i know shades and shapes do hair, wasnt sure about make up tho? they have a nail bar as well. Suppose the best thing to do is go for a trial? see if you like what they do?
kbt Posts: 108
Yeah have been to see Aileen and was impressed. I know loads of people recommend for hair I was just trying to find out if anyone has used them for make up 2?
kbt Posts: 108
kbt Posts: 108
Anyone else had make up here? Feedback needed. Ta
kbt Posts: 108
Anyone else??!!
Addict Posts: 116
Hi kbt, Havent heard anything about make-up, was wondering myself. I have booked a trial with Aileen, receptionist mentioned to me about make-up all right but I didnt want to commit myself to a trial etc yet. Are you going to have the make-up trial and see how you get on? Im afraid that I will feel obligated to book it if I have the trial, seeing as they will be doing my hair.
kbt Posts: 108
Hi Addict, I was going to have a trial done as heard rave reviews about there hair.but the magic products they use are the tigi I think it's called. I have now found a beauticians nearer,Kildare town that do mac make up so was going to have a trial with them first. For E25! I have a local hairdresser too. I wanted to go to shapes and shades because they did both but now I'm sort of thinking of staying closer to home. I would rather go somewhere to get it down rather than stay at home as have 2 young kids so it would be chaotic at home. If you go let me know how it works out and vice versa.