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*Lexi* Posts: 2600
Righto girls im gonna let off some stream here and im sure my poor husband has enough of my complaints :-8 I had two symptom free pregnancies before but lord i am paying for it with this one im almost 14 weeks and my symptoms are : contant nausea ,rib pain, farting & burping like a demon, insomnia at night and then wrecked all day , streching pains , dizziness whenever i stand for more than 5 mins , boobs like 2 melons strapped to my chest and my nipples are KILLING me ,excessive salive(yuk!),constipation then diarreoaa,piles, constant hot flushes headaches and feeling hungry but nothing appeals ! So come on girls share your symptoms here !
temperence Posts: 136
Tiredness from about day 1 after conceiving. My only episode of heartburn the night before I did the test(Heartburn was the reason I did the test). Constant nausea from about 6pm, I've gone to sleep every night with a bucket beside the bed. Peeing every 30 mins, more tiredness. Really bad period like stretching pains from a week before my period was due, I got them nearly constantly up to week 10, now I get them every now and again. A sharp bad pain near my right hip if I stand up too quick, move too quick, or turn from the waist in bed. Restless legs in the evening and cramps in my right calf. Written down that sounds like a lot, but it's not that bad at all, I feel fine mostly, hardly feel pregnant!