Sharon Hoey - are they good to deal with?

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elleq Posts: 117
Hey wollies, tried on a great dress in sharon hoey's the other day but am a bit concerned at the thought of buying there. It was my second visit and I only went back as my sister was adamant she wanted to check it out a bit better. Our first visit was on a Sat morning and we felt v rushed, just 45m for an appt and the girl sent most of the time looking at her watch and hurrying me along. V little help getting into dresses and so on. And apart from that, I just thought the attitude was tired and very disinterested. No smiles, no sense of friendliness. I mean, I am potentially going to spend a lot of money here! Some attention please! :o0 Anway, experience was better on the second visit but still not really up to the standard I've experienced in other shops - de staffords and myrtle ivory are 2 that jump to mind! Would love to hear from anyone who got their dress there and what they were like once you were committed to them :wv Thanks in advance! :thnk
Milliegaa Posts: 42
I order my dress in Sharon Hoeys a few weeks ago. I dealt with two differnt girls on the first the second visit and both were friendly and enthusiastic. The dress I wanted is only in Sharen Hoeys so even if they were horrible I wanted the dress!!!! I did go wedding dress shopping with my friend to Sharon Hoeys about a year ago and we had the women that owned the shop for the appointrment. She really rubbed me up the wrong the way so I was delighted to not to deal with her when I went back to look for my own dress.
Curunina Posts: 83
A good friend of mine bought her dress there, and although she said the standard of attention definitely went down after she handed over her money - it was only the unimportant stuff - the "princess feeling". On a practical note, the alterations were perfect and the dress was ordered, arrived and collected in plenty of time - which I suppose is more importnat than people making a fuss of you? Goood luck!
ginger nut Posts: 5989
i went to SH to have a look at dresses but was humiliated by the woman looking after me....she basically said that they didn't cater for someone my size (a 14 - not exactly an elephant). I didn't even stay for the full 45 minutes - I didn't care how nice the dresses were, i wasn't prepared to have someone make me feel bad about myself like that.
elleq Posts: 117
Hey good to get the feedback, thank you so much :thnk you're right, it is the final quality of the fitting and dress that matters ultimately, I was just worried that bad standard in one might mean bad standard in the other! Reassuring to know that is not the case! now if i could just decide on a dress that'd be perfect >:o) thanks again ladies!
MammySpice Posts: 2501
I am really worried about this now as I am going to try dresses here on Saturday. I am bringing my mam along for the first time so it will be a day of many emotions - close to a size 14 myself and really don't want to be left to feel like some of you seem to have been made to feel. Should I stay away altogether???
fifle Posts: 132
Hi, I bought my dress in Sharon Hoey after two visits. I dealt with two different women and although they didn't fawn over me like some of the women in other shops, I definitely felt their attitude was more professional and geared towards getting me the best dress to suit me rather than getting me to buy any old dress. Really appreciated their business like attitude and frankness about the whole thing. My dress is fabulous. I only tried it on because they asked me to humour them and I'm delighted I did.
oona Posts: 209
I found the whole experience to be very professional and have totally fallen for a dress there. The girl there said she didn't usually work therebut she was so helpful. I called the shop later and spoke to a different lady and she was also lovely. The sizes are all 12, buti'm sure the can be ordered in a larger sizeI can't believe that lady said that! The cheek! :eek I had a totally awful esperience with Alexanders and would never buy from them even if i fell for a dress there, so i understand that service is so important.
hikaa Posts: 29
I found them very nice to deal with in SH. I ordered my dress only to find out when I signed the contract i noticed that they charge for alterations!!!! I thought they made the dress, but no they order it in in a standard size and then do alterations to fit me. Now the dress is expensive and thought this was a bit much!!!! But its the one i want and it a SH design so i cant get it anywhere else. So be warned.
filo Posts: 41
I got married a few weeks ago and bought my dress in Sharon Hoey, I just had to reply. I found them great to deal with. They didnt fuss over me, they were pleasant to deal with, and they helped me pick a dress that suited my personality and shape. When I picked the dress initially I was size 14-16 and they certainly didnt make me feel bad about it. In fact once Id lost weight, the shop assitant was joking that she wished she could too. They were very professional, the dress was ready (and perfect) in plenty of time, and I was really pleased with it and got lots of compliments on the day. I did notice that on saturdays you only get the bare 45 mins of the appointment as they are very busy, but if you go on a week day there is plenty of time, if you want more. The dress I got was probably average priced for the shop, so it wasnt as if I was spending more money than other customers. Anyway, if you have seen a dress there that you love, then go for it.