SHarp /darting pains down below

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mrsb09 Posts: 1292
Ladies I'm 37 weeks n few days ave been getting darting or stabbing pains down below last few days.second babs.head is not they not bad pains just uncomfy . Sign of anything starting or babs just getting ready.
PetiteFeet Posts: 506
Are they like someone is giving you an electric shock in your lady bits?? I got LOADS of pains like that from around 36 weeks with DD. Midwife said it was cervix getting ready. She was born at 38+5.
mrsb09 Posts: 1292
Yeah it is and like a tapping or pushing too. Consultant said today head not engaged so I thought it might be gettin ready.thks a mil for reply
theoracle Posts: 7664
The baby might keep hitting the nerve - when I was expecting dd1 I swear it felt like she had a pair of sharp scicssors in there! Also the last few weeks I felt like she was nearly half hanging out and I was walking like a geisha, I had horrendeous pressure, but she was still 10 days over - not always a sign of anything I am afraid.
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
Fells like you're sitting on a knitting needle??? I have that every so often for the last few weeks, it makes me squirm and stand up :o0
lolabelle Posts: 3311
Ah girls I'm laughing at the euphemisms! Oracle I guffawed at your geisha walking! :o0 :o0 :o0 The joys of pregnancy!
mrsb09 Posts: 1292
Thks for replies wishful thinking on my part that things might get moving!!!ah sure time will tell
TurtleBaby1 Posts: 693
girls you just brought me back to a day I was out walking with my frind when she was heavily pregnant and she kept having to stop and do a little jump and wiggle to try and stop it - it was so funny. :yelrotflmaosmilie: