Sharp pain in crease of leg tummy (ovary area)

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Psycho Sue Posts: 1875
Hi ladies, I just thought I'd post to see if anyone can shine some light on a pain I have been having. Basically, for the past few days (and getting more and more frequent) I have been getting a really really sharp pain in the crease of my left leg around my ovary area (at the bottom of my belly). Its getting more and more frequent and painful by the day. I'm not really a worrier, and I have had this on and off since about 12 weeks in, but it was a more dull twinge pain then. I'm just concerned that its getting more frequent. I keep breathing heavily to get through the pain as it lasts only 10-15 seconds at a time (You'd think I was in labour with my breathing :-8 ) Does anyone have any idea what this could be? Sorry for not explaining it properly... it kinda feels like a cramp, that slowly builds up to be really sore (sore enough this evening to bring tears to my eyes)... I don't want to be going to the docs about something like this, if its a typical pain and I can't really find anything when I google it! If anyone can help, I'd be very grateful. Thanks :wv sue
Psycho Sue Posts: 1875
bump, to see if anyone else has this :-8
serenity Posts: 3675
Hi my dear, I have never had this or heard of this... If it's quite bad - can you ring your hospital to ask them or a GP? Better to be safe than sorry - tis all probably part of stretching and body changes, but still for peace of mind, no harm to call a PRO and ask them and explain it to them... Hope it's not too painful for you xx
Psycho Sue Posts: 1875
Hiya, I just don't want to appear to be over reacting, cause I'll die if its just the baby on a nerve or something that I'll have to cope with. I haven't had it yet today (had it a bit in bed last night)O, but if I do get it again quite bad, I'm gonna mention it to the GP. I definately don't think its a stretching pain, although, haven't been through this before, so maybe it is and I need to suck it up. :-8 :o0 thanks hun sue
Perci Posts: 3847
That's what your GP is there for. It probably is nothing to worry about at all but you really wouldn't want to over look something. I made sure I contacted my consultant with any queries I had and to be honest I couldn't care if it was something minor. Even if it was to just put my mind at rest then it was worth it.
tilsun Posts: 4506
If it's sore enough to bring tears to your eyes I would definitely give the doc a call :wv