sharp pains in lower back - any good exercises?

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Woodstock Posts: 1565
hi girls, so far I've been quite lucky in that i've had quite a healthy pregnancy, MS hasn't been too bad or too long for me and I never really had any pains - until now ;o( I recently started getting sharp pains in my lower back, the lowest point in your back, literally. I put it down to the extra weight that i'm carrying. I'm a small build and always been 7 stones. I've since gone up to 8 stones but I still fit into my size 6 clothes so all the weight is on the belly, so i think this is the reason my back is so soar. It starts off okay in the morning but it degenerates during the day and by the time it's evening the pains are stronger, i have trouble finding a comfortable position in bed, i can't lie on my back anymore and a couple of times when i was going up the stairs my back stopped supporting me and I almost collapsed ;o( It's getting worse by the day, have any of you had similar problems? Are there any exercises that i can do to reinforce my back? Hubby said that walking is the key so i've since made a couple of efforts to go walking in the evenings with hubby but came home soaked from the snow (i must add that i fell twice!) Any suggestions? Thanks!
redwifey Posts: 2932
Swimming is great. I had a sore back yesterday and went to my aqua aerobics class last night and feel great now today.
spanish mum Posts: 2468
hi woodstock. i´m the same build and size as you. i am now 36wk 2days pregnant and have had the same lower back pain as you. my SIL sent me a pregnancy support belt which really helps lift the weight of the bump for you. it gives immediate relief and you dont need to wear it for long. HTH SB
oddwire Posts: 842
A few weeks ago I was getting this really bad as well (nothing to do with size, never been a 6!) and I found that sitting on an exercise ball, just bouncing gently really helped with it. My husband also had a bad back at this time and he found it good as well, so we were fighting over who got to sit on the ball every evening!
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
I could have written that post myself-Ive been experiencing really sharp bad lower back pain the past couple of weeks and cannot lie on my back or stand up straight after lying down :eek it also gets worse as the day progresses...Im a size 6 too Was planning on mentioning it to gp on next visit
what a surprise Posts: 113
Hi, I am not pregnant however I do have a very bad back and some simple exercises I have are:- lay on the floor/bed with a pillow under your head. Raise your knees up towards your hips with your feet still on the floor and then slowly move them from left to right. Another great one is pelvic tilts, again really slowly...
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
You should do some pilates exercises i have a bad back and find them really good.Look them up onthe net and you can see how they are done. I find i get instant relief. also the ball as someone else mentioned is very good.
snowbear Posts: 2107
Hey there :wv I
Woodstock Posts: 1565
hi girls, thanks for your replies. I went for a 2 hrs walk last night - i was wrecked! Then when i went to bed i put a pillow under the arch in my back and it helped supporting it and i slept lying flat for the first time in about a month! I have joined a yoga class about 2 weeks ago but missed one class because of the heavy snow on monday night. I will ask my gp next time i see him about exercises. I have also posted the same question in health and fitness but no replies yet.. Can i assume the exercises i should be doing are the pelvic ones?? Miranda H - never thought of a heat pad, must try that.. cheer bear bride, seems like we're the same. My pains started at around 17 weeks and i hate to say.. .. but they only get worse! ;o(