Sharp shooting pains in abdomen/pelvis at 29 weeks?

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lollyfp Posts: 2441
Hi, I was feeling fine all day today but when i got home from my antenatal physio class I thought I was going into labour!! All of a sudden I just got sharp shooting pains across my abdomen, basically from the middle of my bump down to my pelvis. It was quite sharp and it stopped me in my tracks. All I could do was make it to the couch and sit down slowly. When I tried to sit up I could not even do it because the stabbing pain stopped me. This lasted for maybe 30-45 minutes and was pretty consistent, not coming and going so not contractions I guess. ANy idea what this could be or anyone else have this? What are Braxton Hicks like? I hear they are not painful though? Should I be getting them by the way? Also I had really similar sharp shooting pains down my side about a month ago and they said it was ok, probably growing pains, but this time it is in my abdomen/pelvis so should I be worried at all? Thanks girls!!! :wv
Elegance Posts: 2848
hi lolly... sounds like it could have been braxton hicks. i had them for the first time yesterday, so they are fresh in my mind. i had cramps/pains in my lower back, and in pelvis area - and the big giveaway was that my bump went rigid - really rock hard all over. if they happen again see if that happens? how do you feel today?
lollyfp Posts: 2441
Thanks for the reply! I'll check my stomach if it happens again. God if that was Braxton Hicks then I'll be in serious trouble having those as I could not move for a long time. I didn't think they were meant to be so debilitating? :eek I feel ok today thankfully - only my wrist/carpal tunnel is getting at me now - ah the joys of pregnancy but it will be worth it in the end. :o0
octbride2007 Posts: 774
Hi Lolly, I had them aswell around that time and was told its just your cervix stretching and preparing for the big day :wv