Shaving and heat rash - Please help - Urgent

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klassylassy Posts: 94
Hi all Im really embarrassed so I have not gone to the doctor. I shaved my pubic area on Thursday night and then I slept with my boyfriend on Thursday night and Friday night. I now have a really bad rash over the area I shaved and on the inside of my legs. It looks absolutely terrible. It is not Itchy or anything. I have been putting sudocream on it but it is not clearing up. Has anyone ever had this or does anyone have any tips for me. I am going on hols in a few days and wont be able to wear a bikini if it does not clear. Please help me. Im really desperate.
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
Ouch! Sounds sore. How about trying tea tree oil or aloe vera on it? Both are natural antiseptics so it should clear it up.Chuck that razor as well! :o0
ItsMrsBurkenow Posts: 665
[quote="happyness09":373ka1qt] and then I slept with my boyfriend on Thursday night and Friday night. [/quote:373ka1qt] I don't think it has anything to do with that...... Sounds like a bad razor, that area is very sensitive anyway and a shaving rash is so common. It will go in a few days. What about Savlon (sp?) maybe??
annaleen Posts: 114
Had you shaved there before? if not i wouldn't worry too much, its just not used to it, i shave my bikini line all the time and i still get some small red lumps. i don't know what will clear it really, you can get post waxing stuff in the chemist, not sure what its called but i'm sure if you go in and ask they will be able to help you. its supposed to soothe the area
whitedaisy Posts: 761
dont worry this is quite a common side affect from shaving sensitive areas...try putting some after shave on the area after a hot shower(sounds weird I know :o0 ) but it closes up the pores!!
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
Whitedaisy, I'm hoping you mean aftershave balm rather than just aftershave! :eek I know when hubby puts on aftershave - on his face! :o0 , he absolutley roars from the stinging sensation (wuss! :o0 )
whitedaisy Posts: 761
No i actually mean aftershave :eek :o0 (it is a bit ouchy...but us women are better with pain than men :o0 )
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
[b:yp1zkh9x]OH SWEET MOTHER OF JAYSUS!!!!! [/b:yp1zkh9x] :eek Thankfully I don't shave "there" I let Urban Wax deal with it!! :o0
whitedaisy Posts: 761
LMAO !! its not that a wuss really!!
busty Posts: 6
Happened me before looked so bad! Anyways loads of aloe vera will help the redness go down :o)ll