she attacked me

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marycontrary Posts: 2
Long time user girls - and in so much shock - need your advice Ive been helping my sister look after heryoung children as she is due a baby any day now. Spending time with her is like walking on egg shells - she is constantly in a fowl mood and fighting with everybody. She lives abroad and I travelled over to help her - taking holidays from work. Well last night she began to snap at me and my BIL over something silly i told her she was overreacting and she slapped me so hard across the face - BIL was shocked and tried to resrain her as obviously I wouldnt defend myself because she is pregnant - well she went into a rage scratching at him - he had her lifeted off the ground and she was intent at coming at me again - we were trying to get her to calm down - but she got free as he was trying to be delicate with her too and punched me straight in the nose - she then proceeded to kick me out of her house late at night in a country where i dont speak the language after hurling abuse at me and mocking me over every little mistake I ever made in my life - seriously she went back to when i was 6 ! She said some unbelievably hurtful things and behaved like a wild animal Ive been in the airport for 12 hours now - waiting for a flight and am so so upset - what do i do now ?? She has no remorse - my father rang her and said she didnt care that i was stranded or that my nose was busted. I a so ashamed of her - I feel like disowning her - dont know what to do when i get home and have to face the family - surely they will think there were two of us in it - but on y dear granys grave it was an unprovoked attack My BIL seems terrified of her and her kids are being reared in a house with a horrible atmosphere 24 7 I sdont know what Im asking for here - just some feedback - my head iis in a whirl
macattack Posts: 1617
God you poor thing. Hope you're ok & get back home safe. I would say don't contact her at all until you have calmed down & had a chance to get your head around it all. I know she is pregnant & no doubt stressed & hormonal but what she did seems to be way beyond that. I'm not sure what to advise really. Has she ever behaved like this before her pregnancy?
lolabelle Posts: 3311
OMG You poor thing! :eek :eek :eek I don't know what advice I can give other than to stay away. We are not obliged by blood to put up with any abuse, verbal or physical. I don't think you should contact her until she has apologised. Hope you get home safely. :xxx
wowser Posts: 538
I just had to reply to that post, I have never heard anything like it before, this is truly shocking.. I'm really sorry for what happened, I cant believe what I have just read. A mentally stable person wouldn't do that, does she have a history of behaving like that? What happened for her to reacting that way? The physical violence is appalling, but to throw you out in the middle of the night from her house is nearly equally as bad. There are some very serious issues there. I wish you well and hope you get home safely.
Sassypants Posts: 4461
Wow. That's shocking. I hope you are ok. Get home, rest, look after yourself and have a good think about what you are going to do. No decisions to be made right now, apart from you getting home. :action32
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
There is no excuse for what she did; she assaulted you. But could there be a [i:1lalr9v6]reason[/i:1lalr9v6] behind it? She sounds overwhelmed and very well may be depressed. Even if this new LO was planned she may be feeling swamped by the responsibilities of a new baby and all it entails. She sounds like she seriously need professional help asap. Her DH can't keep trying to do damage limitation and needs to urge her to seek help, for her sake, the childrens and their marriage.
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
OMG you poor thing, hope you get home safe? Like the girls said, don't contact her - let her calm down. When is she due her baby? Is there something else going on in her house that you don't know about? She could have flipped with you over some other thing she is stressing about. Sometimes is easier to take things out on your loved ones rather than who actually deserves it. Maybe your dad could contact your BIL and find out whats going on? I really hope you are ok :action32
mrswifey2012 Posts: 2042
Oh my God, that is awful. I cannot believe your own sister, who you've been helping out has done this to you! As other posters have asked, has she a history of mental instability or violence? I really hope you are alright. Don't worry about what your family think, you are the victim here, you are the one bearing the physical scars. Regardless of what is going on for her right now, there is no excuse for her assaulting you. She needs to apologise and explain herself, end of. Take care of yourself :action32
Bazinga T McBinkers Posts: 4718
Oh poor you, doing such a nice thing for her! I hope you get home ok, you must have been so shocked and upset. Now maybe your sister has a problem with her hormones? If she is not usually like this? My friend was really bad with PMT and attacked her partner and she would literally black out and not realise what she was doing? He set her down one day and told her he would leave if she doesn't get help, she now has the implant and has no periods and they are great, never been better. It could be something like that? Not that I am defending her at all, she had no right to treat you like this, just that there could be more to the story? Was there swings like this on her last pregnancies? Has she been violent with your BIL on occasions where she wasn't pregnant? Has she been violent to their children? If she has, I think your BIL should leave her and take the children, and she should have visitation rights. Violence is not tolerable in a relationship, regardless of the sex of the victim. However if it is her hormones, and your BIL wants to stay with her she should look into medical help, even a hysterectomy if worst comes to worst. The most important thing is that you have removed yourself from the situation, though maintain contact with your BIL, for his sake, the childrens and your sister. She needs to acknowledge she needs help A few links - [url:1r6loga1][/url:1r6loga1] [url:1r6loga1][/url:1r6loga1]
cannotwait25 Posts: 134
you poor thing - what a scary thing to go through. hope your doing okay and got home safe