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marley82 Posts: 6
I am wondering if anyone has had the experience of purchasing an engagement ring from this jeweller. We called in over the weekend and saw some nice rings, one in particular I love!! I can find no reviews or comments anywhere online and while they have a Facebook page , it gives very little feedback. Also does anyone know if their diamonds are certified and if there are, by whom? Any help or opinions from Athlone-natives or otherwise greatly appreciately O:o)
marley82 Posts: 6
Just as an add-on, if there is anyone local to the area online even if you haven't bought there, I'm just wondering what the reputation of the jewellers is about town?? Is there another considered better?? I'm not from the area but do shop there quite a bit as I live within a 45 min drive!! Sorry for all the questions!!
Macy1 Posts: 4
Hi Im from Athlone and while I didnt get my engagment ring from Sheffields they are an excellent jewellers. My friend got her engagement ring there and I know she found them very helpful. Theyve been around as long as I can remember and the fact that there still open in a recession says alot. I hope this helps :) If youve found a ring you love, go for it!!
marley82 Posts: 6
Thanks Macy1, sounds great, I got a really good vibe from the lady who dealt with us, so professional and not at all pushy. Thanks again. :thnk
Buttonnose Posts: 477
Hi, we had a mutual friend go here to suss out engagement rings, he wasn't impressed at all. Said that they pretty much laughed him out of the shop when he told them his budget. He went elsewhere, but couldn't believe how snobbish they were towards him. That was his experience, I haven't been in the shop myself. :thnk
athlone Posts: 2
Hi, just saw your post about Sheffield Jewellers. I work in the [url:jlf6hyay][/url:jlf6hyay] office and can tell you that it's a family business and was established in 1850. They have an excellent reputation and provide genuine customer service. My mum got her engagement ring there many moons ago and never had any issues with it. I know that some of their diamonds are certified, the staff could confirm if the ring you liked was. The price will probably be a good indication but it's aways better to ask. Hope this helps.