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Savida Posts: 542
Anybody used these or recommend them? Would love to hear what you all think? :thnk
peacock Posts: 54
Check this review out [url:30i3vr5o][/url:30i3vr5o]
spudnik Posts: 211
Hiya, I too am interested in reading what people think of this, I'm trying to decide between the Shellac 2 week manicure and the Nails Inc 3 week manicure.
circus123 Posts: 379
hi girls, there is another post on this over in Off Topic :thnk
spudnik Posts: 211
Thanks Circus123! :thnk
elizajane Posts: 631
hey there - have seen this done on a friends nails - they looked fab - saw them the day she got them done and am defo thinking about them for the wedding - will check with her again how they've been doing for her - till be nearly a week since shes had them done but really thinking that they could be a real alternative to gel nails for the big day - btw - hers was a french polish effect!
BiaBlasta Posts: 1002
I'm not impressed with these at all. Got them done last Wednesday, cost me 30 euro and two of them were chipped by saturday night. I was really careful with them too. Today, 5 of my nails are a bit chipped looking at the edges, thought they'd be ok for at least a week.
Mrslovealot Posts: 656
I'm on my second batch of Shellac and I love them! the first round lasted three weeks and still looked great apart from the regrowth - I'd highly recommend them anyway.
elizajane Posts: 631
do ye think it matters where you get them done - as in are there salons that are better than others!!?????
MoreThanMakeup Posts: 516
The main difference between Shellac and the Nails Inc three week manicure is that Nails Inc use Bio Sculpture gel to overlay the nail and this requires light 'buffing' of the nail whereas Shellac doesn't. The other important difference is cost - Shellac is approximately half the price. I wouldn't say there are better places to get it done as such but there are probably 'better' people who do it. I read on another thread that people are getting it done without any cuticle preparation beforehand (the salon's decision) but strictly speaking this should be done because even if your cuticles look ok there is often debris under them that might shorten the life of the manicure. (To be fair to Bio Sculpture - the colour collection is more extensive. Shellac has 12 colours and three of these are french manicure colours.) I have a special offer on Shellac at the moment - you can pm me if you are interested in details or have a look at my facebook page I've had only good comments so far - this stuff is brilliant :wv Breda O'Neill More Than Make-up