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shockedno2 Posts: 5
I have a lo and shes only 8.5 months and i found out this morning i am pregnant again. My Dh dosent know yet. Didnt want to tell him on the phone and he's not home until 7 :o( I know he is going to be delighted. We were planning on trying again about feb/march time. I am so scared that i am not going to be able to cope. We have plenty of family around us but at the end of the day after dh ghoes back to work it's me that has to care for them. I am afraid that i am going to miss out on my lo by not having enough energy for her and a newborn. Though at the minute she is a dream child and i am know i am lucky with her. oh god girls i am bricking it :ooh please sure your stories.
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
I cant give any advice, as Im expecting our first, but I would say congratulations its fantastic news to be able to get pregnant so quickly. My mother had all of us really close together and she said it was great. I wouldnt worry too much, if you had twins it would be equally as hard you just adapt to your new surroundings and everything will go perfectly for you. Wishing you a healthy 8 months ahead xxxxxxxxx :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
shockedno2 Posts: 5
Thanks. I keep thinking if i had twins i would have managed i am sure. Still i never thought i would have kids so close together in age. I just have a nervous feeling in my tummy.
ScissorsGirl Posts: 785
Hi the v same thing happened to me. Congrats by the way My dd was 8 mths when I got pregnant again it was a complete shock and like u I worried and also felt guilty on my dd As time has gone on I'm feeling much better about it. Like u my dd is so good. She had reflux but otherwise was a great baby and I'm terrified of the next baby maybe not bring such a good sleeper or maybe just crys all the time!! But everyone keeps telling me ill b fine and ill cope so I'm sure I wil!! I can see how good it will b for dd to have a sibling close in age. Even now she crawls about playing and loves when her cousins come round to play so I'm looking forward to them being good pals I wrote a sim post in m&k when I found out and loads of girls were in the same position so we r not alone!!
shockedno2 Posts: 5
Dh is thrilled and hasn't thought twice about having them do young. Still getting my head around having two children under 2, but I'll get there. We've decided to Christmas to tell our families. Will be a nice extra present for everyone.
bobby2012 Posts: 644
My son turned 3 a few months before my daughter was born. She was planned (and tried for) so no surprise there. Still, she was nothing like our son; a much more demanding baby and developed feeding problems our son never had, which did not make things easier. It'll be a lie to say I feel my son does not suffer due to our sometimes over-involvment with her. We are lucky enough that our jobs allow us to spend more than plenty of time with both our children, but we still feel guilty. I wouldn't change her for the world. We worked hard to ensure that our son is ok with our taking care of her needs as a baby, that he is as close to her and as involved in her upbringing and care as a big brother can be. But unfortunately it's just what happens when you have more than one - you have to divide yourself and you can't do everything. And you never know what baby you're going to get. I'm expecting our 3rd now and my daughter is only 6 months. In fact #3 is due on her first birthday. Sometimes I ask myself how I'm going to cope, but other times I tell myself that if I survived my daughter's eating quirks I can survive anything. You never know what's going to happen, but somehow things have a way of working out - that's what I believe.
Onyx Posts: 45
ria2011 Posts: 309
Congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm sure it is a bit of a shock, but think how close they will be growing up together! And as other posters said, no matter what the age gap, you will always have to divide yourselves between two/three/however many you have! I think you're lucky and I'm hoping this will happen for me too, as I want to have ours close together and also I will be 34 when (hopefully!) #1 arrives, so there won't be too much time to waste! Come and join us on the July 2013 thread! :o)ll
CocoBeans Posts: 841
Oh I'm in a similar situation. On one hand I'm delighted as we had DD thourgh IVF but I'm worried about coping too. But in the long run I think it's better to have them close together. They will be great friends and You will have all the equiment ready to go. I see friends who have a 5 year old and then a new born. All I can think is they will be rearing young children for 10 years! It's like pulling a plaster off, slowing or real quick! Seriously though, kids do benefit from a sibling. My niece and nephew are very close in age and are great together.
galway07 Posts: 660
We had 3 under 2.5! The youngest is 15 months now and it`s getting far easier. They are great together. You`ll be fine esp with family on hand to help. They don`t stay young forever. People are telling me these are the best years and I can kinda see why.