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tooyay Posts: 299
Hi Wollies I have posted b4 about shoes and i suppose this is a follow on from the previous thread: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=345291 I had previously planned on wearing blinged up converse for our wedding but having considered all the great feed back i got on here i decided to comprimise and just have shoes for the ceremony and runners for the afters! I have not yet gone dress shopping nor do i know wat colour dress i want but i was in Next today and saw a fab pair of shoes they were low and comfortable and i think i got a bit carried away with the excitement and the shop assistant tellin me they were lovely so i bought them (they were also a bargin 40 euro!) So now here is my problem I dont have a dress or know wat colour i am going for an my shoes are Ivory do yous think if i end up with a white dress they would look ridiculous? I have a yr and a half till the wedding should i take them back? Thanks L :o)ll
snarf Posts: 104
I would be inclined to say take them back. Only for the simple reason that they may influence the type/style/colour of dress you go for. I think the most important thing is that you get a dress that suits you and you might pass on "the one" because it might not go with the shoes... hope that makes sense!
peacockgirl Posts: 1312
I wouldn't take them back just yet... Don't take them dress shopping with you so they won't influence you. Then when you find your dream dress bring them along the second time you try and if they are the wrong colour you have a couple of options; You say you want to bling up a pair of converse so why not bling up your shoes too. There was a thread a while back by a wolly who bought crystals online and blinged up her shoes herself or there are definitely companies that do it too. That way it doesn't matter if they are a different colour coz they'll be covered in bling. If you don't wanna do that you could always get the shoes covered with material the same colour as the dress. If you are in Dublin I know a place in Harold's Cross that does it. Nice shoes btw...
happybride2012 Posts: 174
I also bought shoes before dress... couldn't help myself! My piece of advice would be to not let the shoes dictate the dress, in fact, leave them at home when you go dress shopping...only bring them with you once you've decided on your dress. If they don't match perhaps you can dye them a different colour? Good luck... the shoes are fab!
MyGirlLollipop Posts: 209
Id say keep the shoes until you get you dress and if like me you want to wear the comfortable shoes but they dont match your dress, you can bling them out as sparkles go with both white and ivory! here are mine! [img:dxvkyvaq][/img:dxvkyvaq] [img:dxvkyvaq][/img:dxvkyvaq]
CarolinaMoon Posts: 2431
I bought mine before the dress but they were silver wedge sandals so it didn't matter what colour the dress was. They are lovely shoes, you like them and they are comfortable. I would keep them and if needs be you have colour them or cover them.
lollypopwife Posts: 836
I bought my shoes yesterday and have no dress yet,nor have I started looking yet (next month :) ). My shoes are royal blue though (my something blue) so although a risk,I'm not worried about shading. Like you,I got them for a good price so worst thing that can happen is that they don't suit as I'll get use for blue shoes otherwise. I'm not going to bring them til I've found THE dress so they don't influence my choice (was half thinking this so thanks for the good advice girls :thnk ) Those shoes are lovely and are also a perfect style for changing [u:scxg74xc]if needs be[/u:scxg74xc]. You could def dye them but even more exciting,you could certainly do them up with diamantes or flowers or whatever takes your fancy! From reading your other post,the height and comfort of your shoes is important so if they suit I'd be seeing how you can make them work! I get this as I am limited in the height of shoe I could wear (OH not much taller than me) and I was worried about lack of shoe choice so when I saw shoes I :lvs I said what the hell!