Shoe Dye - Who does it? Where can i buy it?

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Ger Posts: 10
Hi there, Can anyone help? I'm in the munster area, need to get shoes dyed for bridesmaids. Thanks
olivia07 Posts: 73
Hi My advice would be to ring round a few shoes shops in the main towns around your local area and ask if they have the name of anyone who might do it. It can work out expensive though. I was quoted 25 euro a pair (I have 4 bms) and then you have to buy white satin/ material shoes. To get them covered was 40 euro a pair. Good Luck
bridesrus Posts: 917
I don't know if I can be of any help to you - but I sell bm shoes and can get them dyed for you - all I need is a small swatch of your fabric and it takes approx 4 weeks to have them ready :) PM or email me if you need any help. ;)