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bridgie32 Posts: 49
Hi everyone, I badly need help . . I cannot find shoes for my wedding in August. I am having a fitting in 2 weeks and just cannot find suitable shoes. I am looking for a shoe that's a bit glitzy but NOT stiletto or above 2-3 inches . .which rules out pretty much every shoe I have seen. (I just can't wear heels and refuse to spend my wedding day walking around like a newborn calf as they say!) If anyone knows anywhere I can gorgeous. sexy but sensible shoes . . .Please help! Desperate at this stage :weep
whereland Posts: 472
Look at the rainbow club website! Got mine there, sounds exactly like what you're looking for
Princessruby Posts: 32
You poor thing you should try serendipity they stock menbur and do a fab range of bridal shoes in different styles and heel heights. I got mine there and they are so comfortable. They have a shop in limerick and one in adare but you can also buy online. Best of luck I hope you get sorted soon x
LilJen Posts: 11
DV8 have a nice cream pair - Ruby Shoo - not too high. Might be worth a look. :)
craftyPB Posts: 2625
Try Rachel Simpson - ridiculously comfortable, not too high and absolutely gorgeous!
lemonlollies Posts: 38
Try new look they've a great range of wedding shoes!
mallownic Posts: 57
I agree with RubyShoe - i wanted them for myself but the colour didnt suit so my mother actually got them for hers and im well jel cas they are gorgeous. Also as said - i saw loads in Newlook last week & i got my own in Debenhams - best of luck xx
lisavd Posts: 63
I can also really recommend Rachel Simpson shoes! I am the same and I found a beautiful pair there that is really comfortable. You can order them only and some bridal shops also stock them.
2016love Posts: 85
Next have nice low heels with a bit of glitz!
Tashab77 Posts: 129
Try Pink by Paradox, Debenhams stock them. All ranges of heel heights and so comfortable. Not too expensive either :)