Hi, Just to let you know our shoe samples have arrived at our showroom in Wicklow. We are open this Saturday from 11-2 and you are more than welcome to come along and have a look, otherwise just send a mail to [email protected] and we can arrange a time to suit you. Michelle :) http://www.allaboutweddings.ie Here is the link to the shoe section on http://www.allaboutweddings.ie : http://shop.allaboutweddings.ie//shoes- ... 91d74300e8 [attachment=4:1x7l4azx]flo bridal shoe.jpg[/attachment:1x7l4azx] [attachment=3:1x7l4azx]shoes2.jpg[/attachment:1x7l4azx] [attachment=2:1x7l4azx]shoes3.jpg[/attachment:1x7l4azx] [attachment=1:1x7l4azx]shoes4.jpg[/attachment:1x7l4azx] [attachment=0:1x7l4azx]shoe5.jpg[/attachment:1x7l4azx]