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mid-summer bride Posts: 175
Hi Ladies :wv I was just going to order my shoes online from the US when I realised that I don't know which size to order O:| I'm a size 5 but according to one site I should be ordering a US 7 but another one says that I should order 7.5? Have any of you ordered shoes and if so what size? Thanks.
rubies Posts: 1375
I haven't ordered my bridal shoes yet. In general I'm a size US7.5 and a 5 here. I have noticed that some bridal shoes run wide so they suggest that you get a size 7 in these circumstances. I know it is confusing but check out all websites that have your shoes on it and some of them have tips on what size to go for in that particular shoe i.e. is it a large fit.
oddy Posts: 177
Any time I have bought shoes in the US I got 2 sizes bigger. I'm normally a size 7 so i got a US9.
Greece Posts: 1800
Id go for 2 sizes bigger. Im a 6 and ordered an 8.5 based on charts Id seen etc but they were far too big and I couldnt return them so 8 would have been the right size. yeah - Id go for 2 sizes up!
mid-summer bride Posts: 175
Thanks for your help girls... I'll go with the 7. Fingers crossed xxxx
pumba Posts: 257
I ordered mine in a 6.5. Im a size 4 at differnt home. Apparently there are two shoe size scales in th US. They have .5 of a differnce in them. The ones I orderd are a perfect fit.