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JazzyBride Posts: 262
I'm having a nightmare with shoes and thought I would come on here and ask you wollies for your advice. As we all know, the wedding day will be a long one and I don't want it ruined with uncomfortable shoes. I have the worst feet in the world and really suffer with shoes a lot, they have to be really comfy or else I'm in agony (think I have really soft feet or something)! I've also got a wide foot and high instep. I really want to make sure I have shoes that fit like a slipper or otherwise my day will be ruined. I would also like to get shoes that I can wear again as its such a waste spending a lot of money on something I'll never wear again. I also think that I won't wear traditional bridal shoes as most of them I don't even like and my dress is long (and a bit of a meringue) so the shoes won't even be seen. I had heard that the rainbow shoes were the most comfortable of all so I tried on their whole range and to be honest I didn't find them one bit comfortable. I didn't really like the style of a lot of them either. So I think I've ruiled them out. I'm just wondering if you wollies have any ideas where I could get a pair of shoes that are not: (1) Skyscrapers, (2) Totally uncomfortable or (3) Look like granny shoes! Is this even possible? I don't actually care about the colour, although I'd love either nude, gold, red or blue. And I love patent. Is this asking too much?
the bees knees Posts: 755
I know it may sound funny but if you do find a pair of comfy ( NON ) wedding shoes maybe Bling it up a bit.. There is a fantastic thread here , a girl glittered her own shoes look fantastic!!!!! Or else do it to pair of shoes you already own and know are comfy..... As you said your self dont just look at bridal shoes... You could go for ones matching your brides maids colours or maybe blue ( for your something blue).... Sorry I have no real advise on WHERE to get comfy shoes as I havent got to that part of my planning yet
Mari yay Posts: 4045
Peep toe might be out of the equation for you, but these are mine ... p%3bFormal I like that they are not very high as if I go too high I will be same height as OH and I don't want that. And I was thinking of getting some nice brooches for the them to bling them up a little.
CarolinaMoon Posts: 2431
These are mine. I have flat, wide, large feet. These are so pretty and really comfie on as well. I usually wear orthotics but should be ok in wedges. Also as they are silver I will be able to wear them again. Just a shame I didn't get them before they went on sale! ... ILVER,size: