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NiamhOct06 Posts: 1253
Hi girls We're thinking of heading up to Newry on Saturday to get the sterilisers, bottles and a few bits. Have any of you any advice or recommendations? :thnk Thanks.
MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
You know what, Newry can be more expensive than other towns in the North as they know the 'southerners' come up and are still getting a bargain.. I'm living in the north myself, and was surprised to learn of this price difference even like things in B&Q the prices in Newry are higher than that of the same products in Craigavon ... few miles down the road!!! I was in Toys-R-Us in Sprucefield (lisburn) yesterday and just noticed they had baby things and was having a sneaky look around, and was getting a feel for the price of things... I then came home and compared the prices to Mothercare on line, and the toy-r-us prices were definatley cheaper!!!! I know you'll prob get a bargain anyway, but might be worth jsut going to Craigavon or Lisburn...
NiamhOct06 Posts: 1253
Thanks a million MUMS THE WORD! Might just go to Craigavon or Lisburn so. Do they have much baby stuff in Toys R Us? I presume Asda and Sainsburys are in those towns too?
MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
No probs, am living here only 4 years, so getting to know things now, and only too happy to share.. Yeah, I couldn't believe the things they had in Toy-r-Us yesterday... they had almost everything:- Cots, moses baskets, travel systems, car seats, baby clothes, blankets, feeding stuff, nappies... literally EVERYTHING!! They also have the MAM and Dr. Browne Bottles.. it was £10.99 for 3 MAM bottles and £17.99 for 3 Dr. Browne Bottles. Also they were doing specials of muslin squares... £9.99 for 24 I think it was... I would love to have the courage to start picking things up myself!! Do you know where Sprucefield is??? On the left you've got the likes of Sainsbury, B&Q, Argos, Curry's and Toys- R- Us.... then on the other side of the round a bout you've got a big Marks & Sparks... you're only a few miles then from Lisburn itself and you'd have all the usual choices of Mothercare and stuff in there.... If you need anymore help, just let me know x
NiamhOct06 Posts: 1253
You're a star! That's so helpful of you. Will chat to hubby later and if i've any questions I'll get back to you! Will let you know how I get on anyway! *)
mama2E Posts: 670
Hi Niamh, I'm live in Newry and can defo recommend a couple of places. In the quays shopping centre complex there is a shop called Toyzone which is great value for the bigger items and of course Mothercare is over in the Buttercrane. There is a shop called "bumps and babies" that do a good range of maternity clothes and furniture and stuff. Nice shop and good staff but I have found similar items cheaper else where. There are a few good shops in Armagh (Hawthorn nursery shop) and if you were in Armagh you could drive out towards Keady and visit Kings Nursery shop which is brilliant value. But it is taking you into the sticks. Basically for handiness, I'd say go to Newry, Banbridge (good big tesco and Gap in the Outlet have great maternity trousers and jeans for a few quid) and Lisburn. Its a good straight good main road. Happy shopping!
MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
Hey mama2b didn't realise there was another 'northern' woman here... are you going to DaisyHill to have your baba?
jellytots Posts: 139
Just wondering is Lisburn much further north than Newry.. Am heading up myself during the week.. I do my food shopping in Newry anyway and find such a difference... Even Mothercare in Newry with the exchange rate is cheaper than down south.. Thanks
shootingstar Posts: 1340
Hi Jellytots, Lisburn is about 20 mins north of Newry, It is about 15 mins outside Belfast. Lisburn is very easy to get to, litterally off the motorway. I would do most if my weekly shop up in Newry, but I found that I end up spending more because I get things just for the sake of it!!! suppose its my own weakness!!! But I do in general find it cheaper than buyin in the south. Example: I bought a pair of jeans in RI (pre-pregnancy!! :o0 ) and paid with my laser card, they were £39.99 (€52.53 came outta my account) and the same pair of jeans are in RI in the south for €67.00!!! That is a big difference.. And this was when the sterling wasnt as good as it is now. So i would recommend taking the trip up and seeing what bargains you can find!
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
[quote="mama2b":mlgzyiu1] There are a few good shops in Armagh (Hawthorn nursery shop) and if you were in Armagh you could drive out towards Keady and visit Kings Nursery shop which is brilliant value. But it is taking you into the sticks. [/quote:mlgzyiu1] Oi cheeky my daddy's from that lovely sticks town :o0 :o0 :o0 I'd say Lisburn might be better for u pet, and sprucefield is on the M1 u can see toys r us from the road, so u don't have to go right into lisburn, teh sainsbury's there is veyr good too, we're heading up to Keady next week to collect the cot (being delivered there from toys r us such a saga) off my cousin so will stop in Sprucefield on the way back !!! If u look on the toys r us website u'll get directions to the store I think its brilliant !!!