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hulkess Posts: 61
Hello All, Myself and mammy were hoping to go shopping this weekend for her outfit, I'm just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on good stores or towns to go in the munster area? :wv
Bridiekk Posts: 272
Hi Hulkess, I can't give a huge list of MOB options in Munster but as it happens, my mam got hers in Jasmine in Tralee while she was down there recently. She said the lady helping her was great and not pushy. If she hadn't found anything in Tralee, her next port of call was going to be Ela Maria in Newcastle West as she had heard good things about there too. They have a branch in Tralee too but doesn't stock MOB type dresses. I hope that helps a bit and that your mam finds something she likes! :) Happy shopping!
esla2016 Posts: 214
We saw nice outfits in Newcastle West too. ELA Marie was a bit too full-on MOB for my mother, Bella Sola had some lovely stuff like Aileen Bodkin. there's about 5 good shops there. She ended up buying in Navan in the end - again 3/4 good MOB shops there Jon Clare in the city is good.
watcat2016 Posts: 16
Adare has some beautiful boutiques - Isobel in particular stocks a range of MOB type outfits. some that are quite traditional and some that are less so. Really depends on the style you like. Isobel stocks Heidi Higgins and Niamh O'Brien - less traditional MOB outfits but beautiful and elegant! Best of luck!
hulkess Posts: 61
Thanks ladies! She ended up buying two dresses in Aisling Maer in Adare and both are lovely so now she has a choice! I would highly recommend the store, staff were very helpful with a good eye for what suited my mams shape.x