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wifee07 Posts: 353
I think its called Toyztore and its a toymaster brouchure they use. They don't have any of the baby stuff in the toymaster brochure, but they do have loads of baby stuff upstairs. Car seats are very cheap up there, so if you're getting it pound for euro you are going to get a good deal!! As far as I'm aware that pound for euro deal is just for the month of August.
Duncelt Posts: 460
Apologies girls - I must have got the name wrong but there is definately a deal like that going on in Newry Sligosally - you seem to be jumping to conclusions very fast - I would not deliberately give false information - I clearly got the name wrong (by accident which believe it or not does happen).
Carmen Posts: 510
I bought my car seat in "toyztore" in newry on saturday along with a few other bits and pieces. They do have a €=£ deal on at the moment which is fri sat and sun. Fantastic value. So its not a lie its just not toys r us.
Duncelt Posts: 460
Thanks Carmen - I must have "pregnancy brain" at the moment and picked up on the name incorrectly!! Details were right though!!
eviangirl Posts: 6
Duncelt - it seems I am not the only one jumping to conclusions!!! are you not presuming I meant you were the liar?! I guessed it was the store that was misleading - and for what its worth is the idea of these threads/sites not to be honest and give info and opinions? perhaps instead of being so quick to jump at me you might think that maybe I too have pregnancy brain and want to be sure before I leave Sligo to head up north that the store stocked the products i need and checked that the deal is on, hence my post questioning the deal My intention was not to offend anyone nor do i expect to be offended either, just because I had the sense to question something that wasn't accurate......... I will say that if the info wasn't accurate and I had correctly pointed false info out would ye not be happy? I suppose you can't please everyone and believe me duncelt i am all to aware that not everyone is perfect
Duncelt Posts: 460
[quote="sligosally":lj25oriq]hi Just phoned Toys r us about the so called € for £ deal and there is no such deal on? it also seems there isn't a store in newry as suggested by an earlier post? the nearest store is Lisbon which is a further 30miles approx? so what is going on? who is telling lies? I'm very curious and looking forward to a response? love to know what is going on? has anyone else seen this deal for themselves or even bought something from the store € for £?[/quote:lj25oriq] I'm not the only person on this thread that assumed you were directing your post at me - as you say "as suggested by an earlier post" - who was that directed at then. Anyway, i'm not bothered either way I just wanted people on this site to know that I don't deliberately give false information. You said you wanted a response and you got it so don't jump down my throat for defending myself. Lets just leave it as a misunderstanding on both parts!!
eviangirl Posts: 6
Duncelt Firstly I will answer your question- I said suggested because I did presume you had either got the name of the shop wrong or the location - easily done I think....... no malice on my part you really are getting yourself upset over nothing.... and upsetting me too if i'm honest, and lets be honest have we not enough going on? I also had seen a very similar thread on Rol*e*c*a*ster and was confused as to what was going on - and that is all........ if the way I phrased my thread was offensive it certainly wasn't meant to be for what its worth the comment about jumping down your throat is silly I have the right to respond which is all i was doing and am doing now I am more than happy to put this to rest - but should I see some good advice on-line I always check it and should I find it to be inaccurate I will be informing folk, I would hope everyone does the same... take care of yourself, and know I am not jumping down your throat or anything nasty at all ok
busybee07 Posts: 959
[quote="mrs sunflower":zbaq10nk]The toystore in the Quays shopping centre car park "toyztore" has that deal on, I got my pram and cot there last week.[/quote:zbaq10nk] Mrs sunflower, Do you not think its very early to be buying your pram? I hadnt planned on getting mine til Dec. Where are you putting it between now and when babs is born?
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
yes it probably is far too early but I just went window shopping and saw the deal on and it was the last one in that colour. So I just bought it then and there. I'm not superstitous so I have them all in boxes in what will be the baby's room. Its just great to have the big stuff bought already so I can stop stressing and start relaxing :o0