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Charmed 2 Posts: 56
Now that the sales are on have started to think about buying things for babs. Just wondering if anyone has a shopping list of the essential things that I need to buy before baby arrives. Loads of things running through my mind would love a concrete list. Thanks
Ducky Posts: 2506
You should get BEFORE the baby arrives: Pram/buggy/travel system Car seat (can't go home without one) Cot/moses basket/crib and new matress for whichever you decide on Linen for above Steriliser (if bottle feeding) and bottles Babygros, vests, basic clothes and blankets Nappies, cotton wool, wipes Changing mat Other stuff that you might want to get but not immediately necessary Baby bouncer Changing station/dresser Baby monitor Burp cloths! Muslin squares Room thermometer Probably forgotten loads, but hope it helps
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Ducky you're very polite with the "burp cloths" - my friend calls hers the "vom cloths"!!! :o0 (I presume we're talking about the same things...._ Your list is brilliant by the way - am going to pass it on to a couple of pregnant friends.
Charmed 2 Posts: 56
Thanks a million Ducky thats great, was getting all confused! Now all I have to do is figure out which pram/buggy to get!!!!!
Ducky Posts: 2506
Well, I freely admit to buying everything I could ever need and more... no patience at all. You don't want to know what I wasted my money on...I didn't buy a lot of clothes though. Am also holding off decorating nursey until little one arrives. It's cream at the moment anyway so will do grand!
Charmed 2 Posts: 56
I will proably be the same good intentions but that never works out!!! I saw on anther post you got your buggy in Barbers where are they in cork thanks.