shopping trip to new york

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Pink Shoe Posts: 2300
what web site do you use to book a trip to New York for shopping? If you book the flight yourself I would be afraid of not getting a hotel, does anyone know of any special deals at the moment???? Rang the travel agent and she was quoting a 1 star hotel which was mad money and i said i would say it is terrible place I wouldnt stay there..where did you stay???
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Book through Aerlingus for both hotels and flights...have a look at their website. Christmas flight prices are mental €700 odd for 1 adult :eek
icebaby Posts: 846
Forget about using a travel agent. Book the flight with Aer Lingus, Delta or Continental, and use or for the hotel
icebaby Posts: 846
Sorry double post
BirthdayBrideMarch Posts: 503
I agree with icebaby! I'm going to NY from the 13th - 17th Dec and I just checked there now and the flights are still reasonable enough with Aerlingus at the min! Are you planning to go around xmas Pink Shoe!? I defo wouldn't go with those websites that book flights and hotel for you.. much cheaper to book seperately
charli Posts: 5994
part of my honeymoon was NY and we went with Continental - don't bother with agency, there are hundreds of hotels in NY - search for ones in Midtown manhattan maybe as you are central there. we stayed on broadway (which is midtown) lucky you - id go back in a heartbeat (already planning a trip for chrimbo shopping next year!)
Pink Shoe Posts: 2300
i would love to go before xmas but the flight for two was 693.00 which was ok and then i rang need a and they quoted me for a 3 star 1400 or a 2 star 1,346 this is for two people, i think this way with the hotel is very expensive how much did yours cost if you dont mind me asking... you can also go on these group deals that are very reasonable for 4 nights for around 6 - 700 euro inc.hotel...dont know what to do or where to go im so :hyper:
Shin Posts: 8515
pink dont even think about setting foot on that plane without me.....i always get jealous of people heading to new york, god its fantastic.
cuddlesxxx Posts: 260
we are going to new york for honeymoon and the prices are expensive enough for four nights it costing us nearly as much for the 7 night cruise including the meals :eek
Pink Shoe Posts: 2300
:o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Oooh dont know what to do weather to go before xmas or after ??????????? Is there many from here going..... Txs for all the advice :o0 i fell i am going a bit mad today, I think it is the excitment of it all as we only decided on it