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fcx Posts: 119
Hi Ladies, Just hit 32 weeks and its really hit me that I need to get organised! I have my buggy and nursery furniture ordered sofar and a few bits for the baby but am thinking I may go up north to get the rest! Can anyone recommend where to go, do I need to go as far as Belfast or does Newry have lots of shops? Its crazy how quickly it comes around, I cant believe I have only 8 weeks to go, so exciting :o)ll FCX x
tipperarygal Posts: 482
I found Asda good for nappies (box of newborn pampers for £8 compared to €14.49 here) but it really depends what type of shops you want and what you need to buy. People probably need to know what you want before they can advise you where to go. You really haven't long left, it seems like I am ages away from that stage still.
mayday08 Posts: 704
Euro - Sterling rate not as good now and if you keep your eyes peeled here just as good offers in Tesco -Dunnes _Supper Value etc. etc. it may not be worth journey unless you are bulk buying and want a day out when you pay travel. However if it large items like nursey then try Toys r Us Lisburn or Kings of Leady. best of luck. !!
crazylady10 Posts: 539
Asda has brilliant value on everything. Avent or tommt tippee bottles everything. They had a baby event the last 3 weeks and its was brilliant. We got alot of our stuff up there in enniskillen. Asda baby gros and vests are a nice quality and not overly small either. i find Dunnes babygro's can be on the small size.
babs76 Posts: 1000
We went up north in Oct and i have to say that we made a great saving - we got the travel system for literally half price (as it was last seasons colour!!) and we found "Babies are Us" in "Toys are us" in Lisburn (about 30 mins outside of Newry) was fantastic. Found Mothercare in The Buttercrane centre in Newry poor compared to the one in Lisburn which was brillant and really well stocked. Also picked up on a lot of stuff in Boots that was a lot cheaper up there and went to Sainsbury's which at that time was as cheap as Asda I have no idea what the exchange rate is but if its good then it's definitely worth considering - having said that I wouldnt necessarily travel all the way up if i was only going to get a few bits and pieces, we borrowed a friends hatchback car and literally filled it to the brinm (and i mean literally!) best of luck with it
crazylady10 Posts: 539
ya you'll make serious savings up the north. Mothercare in sligo were selling the quinny buzz 3 package for 799 euros. Went to enniskillen and got the same package with extras in a shop up there for 480 pounds. How can anyone justify spending over the top amounts down here. Its mad. Id prefer to spend up the north and maybe use the savings on other things for babs. We went up to Asda last Friday in enniskillen and we made a killing on all the babs stuff aswell again up there. We wouldnt go up often maybe once every 6 weeks for household products and just a day away from the norm of dunnes! Def well worth it.
marriedLife Posts: 1881
[quote:158tylvm] Went to enniskillen and got the same package with extras in a shop up there for 480 pounds.[/quote:158tylvm] What shop do you go to? Not buying for a good while yet but would be good to know the shop name for future reference
crazylady10 Posts: 539
Its called Hanna's toyworld. Do you know enniskillen well? As your going in towards asda just before the round about for shopping centre carpark there are old buildings on your left. Thats where it is. You cant miss it. Its a toy shop downstairs and furniture, prams and all baby stock upstairs. It was recommended to me aswell by several people from dublin and around. We're ok, we're only in sligo and i work on the way so its handy to just pop up to enniskillen after work. They're very good up there. Def worth a look if your up there at any stage just so you can get an idea of what they have and what you might like. If they dont have it they try their best to order it in for ya. Pity they dont have a website.
Little Miss Hopeful Posts: 1193
I was mad mad mad to do a big shopping trip up North - OH was convinced we wouldn't save so before going up I price everthing i needed both here (on tesco online) sainsburys, asda and bigger stuff smyths here, north, I came to conclusion that for us travelling an hour and forty mins we couldn't save on anything. For my bigger items Smyths, here could not be beater - Angelcare monitor E79.99, baby bouncer E50.00, britax travel system and car seat E250!!! Got all my Tommee Tippee bottles, sterliser (i think the microwave sterliser was about £14.00!!!) , nappy bin, cot, matress, chico polly high chair, isofix base and carrycot on Smaller bits again i priced but i couldn't save anything going up north - we are in midlands so to travel in OH's van would cost us at least E50 fuel - big price difference was sudocreme which was E6.75 in tesco down here and £3.35 in Asda - that is a massive difference but really it's the only significant difference i could see. Just some other exmaples of smaller stuff - vaseline in tescos E2.29, £2.17 Asda, Aptimil E9.65 - £7.90 Asda, maternity pads E1.00 for ten tesco, £.94 Asda. Also to mention is a very good site and i think they have a one off delivery charge of about £7 - so i might consider stocking up with them. For blankets, vests, towels, big knickers & my hospital stuff i got everything in Penneys brilliant choice and price cannot be beaten. I suppose if you live near border it is worth while going up but you have to calculate fuel costs you should check if you are actually saving anything.
crazylady10 Posts: 539
well i got the tommy tippee sterliser and it was 10 pounds. 6 tommy tippee bottles 10 pounds. Sudo large one on offer of 1 pound aswell as all the large johnsons baby products. 76 pampers nappies in a box, 2 boxes 11pounds something. and 2 boxes of pampers nappy wipes sensitive ones 6 in each box was 8 pounds for the two. Got babygro's much better quality then penny's and were only 2 pounds for 6. vests were the same. Blankets i bought up here in Dunnes. sheets were 1.50 up north aswell. got a play pin for 25 pounds. and my quinny buzz 3 travel system for 480 pounds. It was 799e in mothercare and over 1000e in other baby shops i priced. But as you said it doesnt make sense for you driving up unless your gonna stack up maybe once every 2 months. Then you would make a saving. alot of people do it. Im only 40 mins away from enniskillen. Mothercare is a complete rip off down here.