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SUZIE rock Posts: 21
im heading up to belfast on thursday, just wondering if anyone knows any good shops in belfast or newry who sell prams/buggys? thanks
sherbetlemon Posts: 927
Hi SUZIE rock, I've heard of a couple in Newry. Toyztore in the Quays Shopping Centre (they've no website) and Bumps n Babies - Happy shopping. :wv
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
suzie, I got my buggy in mothercare in the Buttercrane in Newry when I was there. It worked out 80 euro cheaper, even with the conversion. Toys R us in Sprucefield Park in Lisburn is great also. I got a heap of things there and am actually heading there on wed to get some more stuff. Really good value. I had to get DH to get a trolley I got that much stuff.
SUZIE rock Posts: 21
Thanks girls, i will stop there and have a look, i did see a quinny online from mothercare really cheap! going up to ikea!!
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
I got a chest of drawers for babies room in Ikea, chair for feeding, lampshade and small drawers for in wardrobe all in Ikea. Got changing table in toys r us, getting bouncy chair for babs, moses basket, steriliser, pump and heaps more in toys r us.
thunder Posts: 110
I got my pram in Bumps n babies in Newry, my mam got it for me, she said they were really helpful in the shop and she saved nearly 100 euro on the pram. We got a Silvercross, I told her only to get it if it was a certain price, as it wouldn't be worth it otherwise, it was slightly above and when she said it to the shop assistant, she knocked off £30 I think, in order to make it worth while.. I was only checking out Ikea this morning online, its definitely worth making the trip!!!