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planninginprogress Posts: 74
hi all, just wondering if there's anyone planning to wear a shorter knee-lenght dress? I have an idea in mind but can't seem to find exactly what i'm looking for. Has anyone else got the same problem? I want somethng with a full-ish skirt, and maybe lace detail. I have seen so many fab full lenght dresses that I'm tempted to give in! Any help and suggestions welcome! :)
stick Posts: 1229
andel doodles did a report over on wedding reports and she has a dress lik you descibe its a fab dress viewtopic.php?f=18&t=305588
planninginprogress Posts: 74
thank you!
madhairday Posts: 1116
I got mine in ?
sunyday Posts: 57
Hi , I was looking through the love my dress blog and came across this wedding. Thought the bride's dress was just fab!! I was thinking about going for a short dress, and this would be excatly what I would like! ... bride.html
planninginprogress Posts: 74
Thanks so much ..great link! I've got my heart set on a short dress cos having a small wedding and want to be a bit diff. I just looked a the photos on the homepage of the couple married in New York..i want her dress ..its EXACTLY what i've been trying to find!! Very jealous!strapless is out for that makes it even harder to get what i want. Thanks again..let me know if you have any better luck! :)
Mrs Fahrenheit Posts: 1582
[quote="planninginprogress":gj8tyst1]strapless is out for that makes it even harder to get what i want. Thanks again..let me know if you have any better luck! :)[/quote:gj8tyst1] I can't wear strapless either and all the wedding dress shops are telling me that they can add straps on to the dress (I'll be definitely taking material off the hem - so they will use that) Try that - even if you bought your dress of the rack, it's likely you would be able to have a seamstress add straps.
planninginprogress Posts: 74
good advice-i never even thought ot that! :)
luckyladee Posts: 2550
I had originally set my little heart on a short dress but when I tried on a few they just weren't working for me - the people in the dress shops were telling me it's because I'm not tall enough. I personally don't think that was the issue - but they didn't work nonetheless. Luckily enough I fell in love with a full length dress to so it didn't remain an issue. My dress is not strapless though - because much like some of you I just simply don't do strapless. They do tell you that adding straps is easy but in the end I went for this neckline - a little different I thought. [attachment=1:34kx4se4]dress front.jpg[/attachment:34kx4se4] [attachment=0:34kx4se4]dress back.jpg[/attachment:34kx4se4]
honeymoon baby Posts: 270
how about these 2 . i :lvs :lvs :lvs the first one. i already have my dress but id love this to change into for the evening :-8 , in my dreams maybe...