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missymoomooo Posts: 639
I'm working in a small company 4 years in June. In that time i've build up a great working relationship with our clients, i'm very efficient at my job (not to blow my own trumpet) but to he point where when the boss goes off on hols i look after everything here and he doesn't even check in for the few weeks he'd be away. He literally does the mimimum he has to and myself and the other employees are increasingly getting sick of his attitude of popping in once or twice a day then literally swanning off for the day for a meeting that may go on for an hour and then taking the rest of the day off. Now i understand that he's the boss and it's his company and i'm an employee and i should be grateful for a job BUT, i come under a lot of stress in here and i'm feeling increasingly that i'm taken for granted. I've never been given a raise in the 4 years, i've no pension, no incentives or bonus'. I'm barely covering my bills and i know for a fact the companys takings are up on last year. I'm sitting here trying to decide if i should approach the subject of a raise in my salary. I wouldn't be looking for a huge one but i'm barely covering my bills and i feel like after 4 years working hard and the company ticking along ok surely it wouldn't be out of the question or am i mad to even broach the subject given the country is in the middle of a recession and there's half the country on the bread line? Sorry for long post!
Bazinga T McBinkers Posts: 4718
I think you should ask, you have been there 4 years and as you say you aren't looking a massive wage increase. If not even an extra day or two paid leave or an annual bonus?
ShutterBug Posts: 1056
How is the company doing? If it is doing well and not struggling and you know they can afford it I would definitely ask. You have obviously taken on a lot more responsibility in the 4 years and deserve for your payscale to reflect it.
missymoomooo Posts: 639
Yes the company is doing fine. No staff have been let go and in fairness to he hasn't cut anyone's wages but he does allow a fair few cash jobs through the place and he literally pockets anything that comes in straight into his pocket. Very little goes back into the company (even the offices are falling apart because he refuses to fix anything when it goes). But business wise we are busy and the more i see him taking cash from clients when i've actually been the one looking after the job the more it grates on me that he's pocketing money and i'm scrimping to survive. I obviously don't want to threaten to report him for taking the cash jobs but seriously he needs to start sharing the love to some of the hard working employees. Not even sure how to approach the subject with him though, he's never here long enough to have a proper conversation with him! :o(
paperclips Posts: 3146
You could have an informal chat with him and suss him out. If you dont think you'll get a pay rise, try for a bonus instead. Outline everything you do within the company and make it clear to him that the company keeps going because of all the time, work and effort your putting in.
SaraD08 Posts: 1795
while i think you should dicsuus the fact that you feel you deserve a rise... and see what happens.. i think your comments about him taking cash are way over the top and spreading the wealth etc... personally i think thats very strange... its his business at the end of the day... he takes all the risks/ good times and bad times..... not employees etc... so its his business if he gets cash or not... although he shouldnt all transcations should be legimate and pay VAT etc... its his own personal business... how do you know thats he's not getting a wage or paying himslef....and the cash is how he is living?? at the end of the day you said he hasnt dropped your wages in 4 years... most employees have been hit by 20% wage decrease etc so i think that is spreading the wealth.... and as for the fact that you dont want to threaten to report him... he will be shut down and all of you would loose your jobs... thats a fact. Whatever about asking him for a pay rise to begrudge him for getting cash thats slightly strange if im honest :ooh ps i dont agree with cash sales etc...
missymoomooo Posts: 639
[quote="SaraD08":1hwnnlkr] Whatever about asking him for a pay rise to begrudge him for getting cash thats slightly strange if im honest :ooh [/quote:1hwnnlkr] I'm not looking for a raise because of the cash sales i'm just pointing out that while the company tips along there is no extra money going into the accounts becasue he is taking it direct for himself. I completly understand that this is his comany and he can run it as he pleases but if that money were going through the company then there'd be a lot more profit at the end of the year and possible money there to pay employes better. If i go looking for a raise i just know he's going to throw in my face that the company doesn't have the money when i know the business is coming in but the money is going to him and not the company if you get me. The team in here work very hard for this guy and i'm just looking for what i feel the company can afford. The conditions in our office are very poor, we've no heat, not hot water, no canteen area, and again when i see him pocketing yet another cash job i can't help but begrudge that fact that some of that money could be going into the company to pay for the place to be improved and the staff to be looked after. I really appreciate my job and the fact that i haven't been given a pay cut, i wasn't on great wages to start with though and while he's improving his house, car and taking better holidays i'm taking on more and more work and responsibility but with no reward. I know it's a recession and that's why i'm afraid to ask but i feel like i can't go on much longer the way i am, it's killing me inside...
SaraD08 Posts: 1795
missymoomooo... like i said i totally understand you wanting to ask for a raise... and with the work you do you have every right to ask... but your other comments are very begrudging... my issue was the fact that you dont actually know hie personal life... ie his finances... is he getting a wage each month?? Maybe not... maybe the cash is keeping him afloat... alot of small business are in this situation... in my last job my boss hadnt paid himself a wage in 2 years... YES 2 years... so any cash he got he kept for him family and to pay his bills and feed his 3 kids.... i think your looking at everything black and white... there are grey areas ... [quote:z065ozhr]while he's improving his house, car and taking better holidays i'm taking on more and more work and responsibility but with no reward.[/quote:z065ozhr].... but thats HIS business... not yours .... he is self employeed.. he owns a business and thats the difference between someone who is self employed and an employee.... he gets all the RISKS... and there are huge risks being self empolyed.. and he gets the rewards... thats the way of life.... i work i a job now where there are making MASSIVE profits and i mean like €50 million + per year... the overall boss, has a yaught... private jet etc.... why would i bedruge him??... he worked his ass off... took massive risks and he is lucky they paid off.... im on ok wages work realy long crap hours but thats life.... took on double the work since last sept... but thats life... thats what strives me to eventually work for myself... not begrudge others for having the balls to do so...
Sprocket Posts: 1671
If you are going to ask for a pay rise then you need to have the information about why you feel you deserve it to hand. Prepare a list of the extra responsibility you have taken on since you started and how this benefits the company (not having to take an another employee maybe). Do not make it personal. Without meaning to sound harsh, no company cares if you can meet your bills or can't. They care about the cold hard facts. If you bring up the boss taking cash jobs, you will wind him up and not get a rise. If it's his company and he wants to not declare the cash, it's his business. You are not entitled to it no matter how much you feel you deserve it. He is the boss and that's all there is to it. Be professional. Don't throw a strop (which I'm sure you wouldn't) if you don't get the raise. Approach it like you would an external meeting. And if you've been perfectly reasonable and logical and they still say no, then prep your CV and look for another job.
mobmar Posts: 642
How many employees are there in the company? Would ye all consider going together and asking for better working conditions and maybe a pay rise. Safety in numbers. Shouldn't all employers offer their employees the right to pay into a pension?