Should i be running around like a mad woman?!

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New Mrs Posts: 660
Hey girls, Im getting married in SIX days :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll I have to say were pretty much organised, just have to get my contact lenses, wedding night underwear(they can be done in one trip to dundrum!), h2b and ds have to get their hair cuts and were done! Im busy cleaning the house today to get it sorted for visitors! Going to the beauticians with my mam, mil and sis in law on thursday for nails and waxing! Heading to dundrum on friday morning with my mam. I always though we would be running around like blue arse fly's the week of our wedding but were not!
lucie lu Posts: 760
Aw that's brilliant, you're all organised now, so you can just relax! Both of us are very disorganised, so I did a lot of running around the few days before, have to say I did enjoy it at the same time though! That wasn't all down to us though, I had got jewellery made for myself and the bridesmaids, when we went to collect it, it was actually beyond hideous! So it was quite stressful trying to get something else organised! So enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!!!!
stylefreak Posts: 693
Sadly I am kinda running round like a maniac, we are getting married next sat too. I am organised but because the weeding is in Croatia there's just more to sort out etc. I had to get all little jobs like my lashes and brows done early. Started packing last night, my hosue is like a bomb hit it. Have an extra suitcase for decor stuff. Need to pack that tonight, tmrw need to work, bring my sister to get her lashes done, do my workout 9it's all that's keeping me sane), let me heavily pregnant see me in my dress (she won't be at the wedding) and hoover. Tues I have to work again, have a doc appoiment to pick up my pill, meeting the girls for a send-off lunch, then up to dub to stay before our fligh Wed morning, I can't WAIT til the wheels lift off the runway. Then Croatia is a whole other story, sister bfriend's bday the wed night, registering our documents Thurs morning, hair trial Thurs afternoon, then sisters bday that night, Fri all the rest of the guests arrive!! I bought that Bach'S Rescue night stuff, I hope it keep me calm enough to sleep. I keep thinking of all the ridiculous tiny things that could go wrong!!
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
Getting married in a couple of weeks and feel like I should be running around doing stuff too!!! Feel like there's something MASSIVE we're forgetting about. I keep putting off lots of small little bits but can't do that for much longer!!!
candypants Posts: 8575
Were getting married in 6 days too. All this week i had some running around to do, but next week i wont, manly just pampering.................i hope :o)ll
stylefreak Posts: 693
Excuse my appalling spelling in my last post!! I am up to ninety, but trying to chill a bit. I would love some pampering, I am def going to lie out in the sun a bit when we land. I am scared of drinking before the wedding too cause I think it always shows in my skin the next day. Crossing my fingers I don't get a spot as well!!