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gniddew Posts: 276
Hi all, I am 15 weeks pregnant and everyone i meet are saying 'aren;t I very neat' and 'i am very small for this stage of the pregnacy' 'i should be showing by now' The thing is should i be worried. I was very sick with ms and lost alot of weight. I had to go into hospital to go onthe drip. I had my 1st scan at 8 weeks. This seems like a life time away. My scan is not until 9th August. Another lifetime away. I think i would be a bit assured if i had a little bump. Is this normal not to 'show' at this stage.
boobies Posts: 1625
Hi, I dont think there is any need to worry. I lost weight like you too in the beginning and you definately could'nt tell I was pregnant until I was at least 18 wks. If you are anxious about it just mention it to your doc but I dont think you need worry too much. They say you dont show until late on your first pregnancy.
Mrs Lucy06 Posts: 929
Dont worry about it, I was about 24wks before I had a definite noticable bump!!! Different people show different ways!!! Dont worry!!! HTH Lucy
mammybean Posts: 10364
i met a friend yesterda who told me she was 5 months. she had barely anything. she said i had my scan tolday and i was like what for? she said i am five months pregnant. eeem i dunno where she is hidig the baby lol
breeze Posts: 1175
I wont get away with it for much longer, im starting to show now and im onlly 13 weeks :eek :eek :eek
Mrs J Posts: 387
No need to worry - just be happy you're so neat. I didn't show until I was at least 22/23 weeks and then I was at that 'do i look fat or pregnant stage?' I had what I thought was a definate bump around the 24/25 week stage. I remember talking to a guy at work about going off on leave and he thought I was going on holiday. I had to tell him it was maternity leave I was talking about and I was nearly 6 months gone at that stage!
Mrs MOS Posts: 205
I'm 16 weeks pregnant and really am not showing. Like you I was very ill with MS and lost a lot of weight (the best part of a stone) and although I can see I have 'a bit' of a bump growing there most people can't notice it!! I'm sure that in the next few weeks I'll be complaining about being too big!