Should I be taking more vitamins?

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maybebebe Posts: 168
I've been on folic acid since Christmas and started pregnacare when I found out I'm avec bebe, is that enough or should I be taking more B& D vitamins?
HappyMum2010 Posts: 431
Would you consider taking the Pregnacare + ? Thats what i took up to 24 weeks and then went to an iron supplement. You have to stay away from the usual multivitamins as they contain Vit A which we shouldn't have too much of. At antenatal class the midwife recommended the following: Supermilk as it has added vitamin D which you need to absorb calcium, also comes from exposure to sun light but in ireland a lot of the time we don't get much of that! (ETA: There is also a small amount of the Vit A in Supermilk but she said it is too small to matter) Red meat 3 times a week as part of main meal + maybe one other meal time Vitamin C when you are getting your iron. So a glass of orange juice with the red meat, broccoli, spinach foods So basically more dairy for calcium, more red meat/dark green veg for iron, and the OJ and supermilk to help our bodies absorb the nutrients. She said if the diet is good enough there is no need for supplements. Sorry if i went on a bit there :wv
maybebebe Posts: 168
No you didn't Laois Wollie, that's great! Once I get over the food adversion I can get back into a good diet. Thanks :o)ll
katgirl Posts: 1258
god maybe i should be on stuff, im only on folic acid as i was a bit afraid to go on anything else as i know some vitimans can be dangerous, im trying to get what i need from my diet, im on the supermilk and try to eat at least 3 pieces of fruit a day and some veg and red meat and protein (chicken, fish) with rice or pototos or pasta and im munching on almonds and seseme seeds at my desk.
HappyMum2010 Posts: 431
Hope the food aversion goes soon! I can't really advise on any other vitamins, just that I started taking Pregnacare + when I got my (surprise) BFP, and the doc said that was a perfect all-rounder! Since I started taking my Iron I stopped the pregnare. :thnk