Should I be worried - no dress 4 weeks to go..??

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cookies_gal Posts: 450
Hiya - ordered my dress a loooooooong time ago & it's still not in the shop yet. Rang last week and they said it had been shipped & they'll call me when it's in. But with 4 weeks to go, should I be worried? :ooh
Beverly Hill Posts: 591
I don't think so. Mine only took a week to be altered. At least it has been shipped so you should have it soon.
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
I don't want to freak you out cookies_gal, but I do think you should be a little concerned? Its giving you very little time for alterations etc? Would you not call in person to the shop and demand a little more satisfaction? I don't want to be worrying you unnecessarily here now either :thnk
*star* Posts: 102
I know i'd be worried because im a bit of a paniker. If its not it by next week you should go to the shop a demand answers and let them see you are worried because i think they fob you off on the phone. Hope everything goes well :wv
cookies_gal Posts: 450
Everything else is going so well with no major issues I am getting a bit unsettled by this. I wasn't too panicked cause I want to lose a few stubborn pounds but now I care less about that (going to wear spandex!!)and more about the fact its only 4 weeks... A reoccurring nightmare I keep having is turning up to the church with no dress....... oh say a prayer gonna ring them at lunch....
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
Will keep my fingers crossed honey, I'm sure we're worrying about nothing anyway :xox
Claregirl1982 Posts: 71
OMG that's awful. Hopefully it'll arrive soon. Best of luck. :wv
fifi09 Posts: 414
Once it's been shipped it really should be here in a matter of days or a week at most so I wouldn't worry too much about it. I would get onto the store you ordered from again tho just to let them know that you are a little anxious about the time frame.
two010 Posts: 103
Call to the shop and explain that you are beginning to panic about it. They might be able to make a few calls to reassure you that you will have it on time and put your mind at ease. Hopefully it will arrive :wv
veryv Posts: 970
Cookies_gal when did you order the dress?