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gogglebox Posts: 910
Hi all, I felt fab yesterday, really great, and today I feel like crap. I felt 'off colour' this morning going to work and thought breakfast would sort me out but it didn't. I've been having cramps during the day today - the sort that make you feel like you've got the runs, but apart from one episode earlier today where I was looser than normal (sorry for the TMI), I've not had any diarroeah associated with the cramps. I'm also feeling nauseous when I get a cramp, so my first thought was tummy bug, but my Mum has said I should keep an eye on it in case it's pregnancy related. I've not had any braxton hicks or anything until now, so I've no idea if what I'm experiencing is a bug, or something else. Can anyone offer advice on what I'd be feeling if this was related to the baby (i.e contractions or braxton hicks), or am I just being silly and I have a dose of the runs!!! :o0
StayShiny Posts: 1078
Hello gogglebox, didn't wanna leave this unanswered, but sorry won't have a clue if it either, as it could be either one definitely. I think the reason noone replied today, is for the same reason. Sorry babe. Advice should be go to your doctor or consultant and get checked out. and hope you feeling better soon.
gogglebox Posts: 910
Thanks Stay Shiny, So I called the hospital and they said as I was having cramps, but no diarroeah, that I should go up, which I did. They checked the baby's heart rate and movement etc... and the decision is that I probably have a bug, but they noticed an irregularity in the baby's heartbeat while I was there. They think it's because I was dehydrated from not drinking much all day and not eating, so I've to go back for a scan tomorrow and another check up once I'm rehydrated, so I'm on the flat 7up for the rest of the evening and tomorrow morning. Thanks for replying :wv
newone Posts: 1714
Gogglebox, glad to see that you got checked out. Hope you are feeling better and scan goes well tomorrow!
darkie27 Posts: 1449
Hey love i, gonna text ya xxx
StayShiny Posts: 1078
excellent news flat 7up :) enjoy it is great alright when you're ill, keep energy levels up a little good to hear you got checked out too :action32 rest and drink loads eh let us know how scan goes today eh xx
mammybean Posts: 10364
hey there how are you? i hope you got on well at the hospital. i was going to give you a text when i read this but of course i have changed phones and dont have your number!! how was the scan?
gogglebox Posts: 910
Hiya girls, Thanks for your replies *) So we had the scan today and all was looking fine with the heart chambers etc... but the heartbeat was still irregular - it skips a beat every so often. The doc said it's an 'ectopic heartbeat' which in the situation (with the good scan) means it's nothing to worry about, but he was saying that the heart scan is only 60% accurate as hearts are very hard to scan, so to be totally sure, he wants us to go to Crumlin for a scan with a cardiologist up there. He said he wouldn't worry about it - everything looks good, but it's just "crossing the t's and dotting the i's" to make sure everything is fine. Only problem is that we might wait 6 wks for an appt... which means baby might be here by then, but we won't worry about that for now, since doc thinks everything is OK anyway. So that's my bit of news... an eventful couple of days which started out with just a tummy bug...!!
newone Posts: 1714
Glad to hear you got on well today Gogglebox. :lvs
Belinda Posts: 142
Hi googlebox hope you are feeling better today. My doc picked up an ectopic heartbeat when I was pregnant with ds. We were in Australia at the time and they had us tortured with scans and extra doc appointments. We were so worried at the time but when we finally went to see the specialist he barely looked at the scan before telling us that baby was fine and a lot of people have ectopic heartbeats, it's just commonly picked up during pregnancy because the doc is looking closely at the baby's heartbeat. I guess this makes sense because no one is listening to our hearts to see how they are beating! Sorry for rambling on but just wanted to share my story and try to give you some reassurance. :lvs