Should I be worried??

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mrsbig Posts: 220
Hi Ladies, After going down the road of IVF, we tested last week to find a BFP! Of course we were over the moon that it happened on our first go!! Last week when I tested with the CB digital I got 1-2 weeks. Ive been testing all week on cheapies and the line is showing up...but this morning I tested again on the digital and I still got 1-2 just a little worried now that the pregnancy is no progressing and I might loss if. Am I being silly?? Has this happened to anyone else. I should be 5 weeks today and presumed I might get 2-3 weeks. Dh is telling me not to worry, it still says pregnant and thats all that matters. I had a mc last year and lost it at 5 weeks, I never got passed the 1-2 weeks mark on the digital test so suppose thats playing on my mind. :o(
lovingmarriedlife Posts: 324
first of all congrats on your BFP!!! :o)ll sorry to see you are dealing with this stress. the conception indicator is a only a guide and not 100% accurate so all could be perfectly well with baba. i would say relax and try not to worry .....but for all of us in the early days its v hard not to! if you are v worried i suppose another option is to see your GP & get HCG levels checked. best of luck!!!!
sinion Posts: 6050
Congrats on your bfp! I know it's so hard not to worry, but with the CB digital there is no guarantee that it will go up a week within a week if you know what I mean? HCG levels don't increase at an exact rate so you may have to wait a few more days for it to go to 2-3 weeks. I'd say just leave it a couple of days and try again. I was doing the same as you at the beginning of this pregnancy as I'd had a chemical pregnancy and an early mc just before it, I was panicking too that it wasn't going a week later so left it a few days and tried again and it had gone up.
theoracle Posts: 7664
I wouldn't drive myself crazy over it, though I know it is only natural to worry and especially because of what you have been through - you need to remember that those tests are not 100% accurate and a lot depends on the concentration of your urine, how much liquids you have taken etc and it is ulikely that you would get 2-3 weeks exactly after 1 week, if you think about it 1-2 weeks and 2-3 weeks there is 1 week overlap!
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
I was the same on 2-3 thinking I should have got 3+ so I waited another 3 days and hey presto 3+ came up, give yourself a couple of days and try again :wv
mrsbig Posts: 220
Thanks girls, yes i think I'll wait and few more days and test probably worrying about nothing! :-8