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Mrs Magoo Posts: 475
I have an opportunity to do a course next Oct, Nov and Dec. I'm due 25th Jan. It is only one full weekend each month for three months. (3 weekends in total). It means travelling 3 hours to dublin and staying overnight friday and saturday night and driving home again on Sunday. The course is something that I have always wanted to do but hasn't been available. I'll be able to work from home and on my own terms which is what I have always wanted. The course is only a one off and won't be available in Ireland for another few years. I have to sign up now and it is 2K which must be paid up front. Don't know whether to go for it or not - I would hate to miss this opportunity. I don't know how I will be feeling (please God) in the later stages of pregnancy and I will also be working full time?? Anyone any advice for me?
Esketti Posts: 936
God thats a tough one. I mean if its something you really want to do and the opportunity wont come around again for 2 years, I would say go for it, but then again you dont want to fork out 2k and then realise come Oct/Nov/Dec that you are absolutely wrecked and cant cope with the hard slog? But then again you wont really know until then how you feel. God that didnt help at all did it, sorry :-8 Write out a list of the pros and cons this evening and weigh it up. Like you might be fine for the Oct wkend, but the Nov and Dec wkends, you might be wrecked! I'm due on the 4th Sept and I'm pretty wrecked now, working full time. So you'll be working full time and then doing the 3 wkends. But at the same time it is only one wkend a month. You could grin and bear it and take lots of rest when you get home from it?
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Go for it! Life is too short for ifs and buts...
Spice Bride Posts: 558
You could always get the train up, if this is an option, or maybe car pool with someone. Would be a shame to miss the course - and if you think that you'll have a little one after Jan, you'll probably find it much more difficult to fit it in when it comes up again.
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
I say go for it too. I mean how tired could you really be, it'll only be one weekend a month. If you don't do it now god knows when you will get to do it again. It'll be much harder to stay away for weekends when theres a baby/child at home.
chilledout Posts: 834
That's a tough one alright. My baby was born in January (due 19th but arrived 31st!). Anyway, I felt fine in October and November. I was getting tired by December. I was working full time and finished up at Christmas. Looking back I think I would have been able for a course at weekends. Once its once a month rather than every weekend it should be fine. Its easy for me to say that in hind sight though. I did have to take a week off in November for a kidney infection though. How has your pregnancy been so far? have you any risk factors? Is there any chance of getting a refund if you couldn't make it? As MrsKP said try making a list of the pros and cons. If you don't do it you might regret it, especially after the baby is born and you want to work from home. Good luck!
Sphynx Posts: 6795
If it was me I think I'd phone the course tutor and have a chat with them. Find out how intensive the course is likely to be towards the end (maybe it will be in the winding up stage for the last couple of weeks), how much course work (if any) you'd have to do outside the course at that time, and ask what would happen if, say, you had to miss the last three weekends - could you get the notes or get "grinds" from someone else or even meet the tutor for a final session at a later date that suited you? One weekend a month isn't so bad but it's hard to tell how you'll feel towards the end -everyone is different. Also have you any family or friends who you could stay with while in Dublin towards the end? If you knew someone would have your dinner ready for you and would be there to give you some TLC would probably make a big difference. I'm just thinking if it was me, I'd be a bit nervous towards the end about going early! Best of luck with your decision - this sounds like a great opporutnity that could really set you up if it works out.
Mrs Magoo Posts: 475
Thanks everyone your comments are really helpful. I am feeling great at the moment and have no risks to deal with. I forgot that if I decide to do the course in a few years time that I'll have a baby to contend with aswell!! How mad is that :duh: Keep you comments coming guys. I'll think about it tonight and get back to you in the morning. :wv
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
I think you should definately go for it! Yes ok , you may be tired, but apart from that you should be ok, plus you'll be able to relax in the evenings. Also at that time of the year - a great chance to look around for Christmas pressies, and do some baby shopping! If you don't do it now, you may not get around to it next time, you'll be fine - just take it easy in other areas of youtr life - and don't be stressing!
[email protected] Posts: 492
Go for it!!! Its a super opportunity and believe me yes; you will have some tiredness at that stage but you will be tired no matter where you are!! I also believe that being active is a great distraction. This is a course that will have significant impact on your quality of life and therefore your babies life...... Good luckxxx