should i do this, or that?

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stephyb Posts: 1439
okay bear with me... originally i was having my purple napkins folded into origami orchids, placed at everyones seat with their favour set in the centre - think this in purple [img:872bix2v][/img:872bix2v] but then i saw the wedding fortune tellers, so i made one up and i love them. i was planning on personalising 1 corner to have each person attendings name and that way they would be name cards also. [img:872bix2v][/img:872bix2v] but my mum has pointed out the cootie catchers are pointless if i give one to every person, as they have the same questions in them. the idea is you turn to your neighbour to pick a question. so she suggested have cootie catchers and lotus's alternate. but i'm thinking in my head it will look too busy, also it ruins the idea of using them as place cards with each persons name what should i do.
kookiegal Posts: 1150
Mrs Meow - 16 days :ooh Edited after seeing pics! Both are fab, don't think alternating them would look too busy at all!
stephyb Posts: 1439
sorry i don't know why the pics didn't work, but they're fixed now. my lotus will be deep plum/purple and my cootie catchers are white paper with purple and dark pink writing.
stephyb Posts: 1439
any advice would be greatly appreciated! x
jumpingthebroom Posts: 154
The napkins are cute especially with the favours in them - I would say go with them definitely - the other are a nice idea but not practical as your mam said.
turfcutter Posts: 259
I'd do alternate ones too- great ideas!
Sumire Posts: 136
I'd alternate, most people at tables will probably be in pairs so if only every second person has a name card it wouldn't be a big deal. Or alternate but don't personalise the cootie catchers?
cupcakebabe Posts: 2232
OOH ive never seen the cootie catchers at a wedding before!! They look brilliant! What kind of questions do you put inside them?