Should I go home??

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Mrsreddy Posts: 472
hi girls need some advice here - i'm 15 weeks pregnant and have a head cold on and off for the past two weeks that i cant seem to shift have only taken a half day so far due to ms about 3-4 weeks ago am tempted to go home today but feel guilty for leaving work - but at the same time feel like i should be taking care of baby and me dont know what to do so some advice would be greatly appreciated thanks :wv
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
Mrsreddy, sorry to hear that your not feeling great. If it wont shift then I would leave work and head to the doc to see what he says and get a note for a few days off. A few days in bed may do you good. I am sure work can see your not well but are still coming in. Your right, you should be looking after yourself and your baby now and I know its hard but dont feel guilty as you have been going in even though you are not well.
survivor Posts: 2507
Go home. Definitely. You're miserable and you obviously need a few days in bed to shake that cold. Its time to concentrate on yourself and your health. You can go back to being a model worker again after babs is born.
Mrsreddy Posts: 472
hi girls thanks a mil for the reply goin to stick it out until lunchtime and then i mit head off - the guilt is terrible!!! cant believe i'm nearly 4 months already! bought my first set of maternity clothes at the wk end it was so exciting!! :o)ll
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
Go home, in fact I hope you have at this stage. You won't get any thanks for staying and you are right, you should be thinking firstly of you and your LO welfare. Go home, rest and ring in sick tomorrow if needs be.
Wild Child Posts: 1694
Go Home!!! Wedjul05 is right they dont thank you for staying actually the fact that they have not sent you home is a disgrace! My advise would be go home get into a warm bed and bring up a hot drink (Lemon/Honey/Brown sugar and boiled water) and have a few naps sleep really helps to get rid of colds! Just make sure you dont have a temp and if you do make sure you look after yourself and if the temp doesnt go away ring your doctor. Hope you get better soon :xox
Mrsreddy Posts: 472
hi girls i serioulsy must need my head tested!! lasted the day in work yesterday with the idea that if i still felt bad today i would ring in sick but i'm in work now!! was talking to hubby and felt guilty for thinking about taking time off work with the work situation so fragile for everyone - my dh is a bit panicy but i think it would be grand if i was off for a day or two so now i'm back at my desk still sneezing and feel too guilty to go home its crazy!! what am i goin to do i know if i go home it will end up with a row with dh :o( but at the same time i really dont want to be in work :o( sorry for the rant - any advice????
Wild Child Posts: 1694
To be honest I wouldnt care what work of anyone thinks if your sick you need to rest its not doing you or the baby any good being sick! Tell work you fell terrible and your going home to bed and when you get home tell DH that work sent you home that should avoid a row cause thats the last thing you need being sick!!! Anyway with you being pregnant they certainly cant fire you for going home sick! So dont worry about that!
Mrsreddy Posts: 472
yeah think i'll do that tell him i got sent home - its crap having the guilty feeling for taking time off wish i didnt worry so much!! any ideas what i can take for a head cold to help clear it up? defo goin to head home in about half an hr - the traffic will have died down by then :o)ll
Wild Child Posts: 1694
Yea squeeze some lemon into a cup with honey and brown sugar and boiling water and maybe take a paracetemol if you need too thats kinda the same as a lemsip it sound help just make sure you stay wrapped up well and stay in bed get dh to make your dinner! Also make sure you dont have a temp! Hope you feel better soon