should i go in to Holles st to be checked?

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snuggler Posts: 1296
Hi girls, you can see form my ticker how preg I am. Im a little concered to be honest, ive had appointments etc recently, a&e and last week with consult etc and with my doc.. Ive had quick scans to see position of baby as It's breech but in the last 3 visits, i have not had bump measured. I honestly feel my bump is quite small and i dont feel as though it has got any bigger in a few weeks now, noticed no difference. I have movement all the time etc but i just am concerned GP visit is today but my GP away and going to diff one(who is terrible from past exp) just want to ask, what you think i should do? i know i had scan last two times but doc looked at position and that's it, also sent me for a trace last week as ive been fainting to check baby..when i got up to foetal asses, midwife asked why i sent up, i said not sure and she said"oh prob cause u fainting to check if baby getting enough oxygen!" which i thought was a bit of a worrying thing to say to me. Basically, from my chart, there is no fundal height measurement for last 2 visits so nothing to compare to next visit(which is 6th April) We dont want to have to go pay for a private scan at this stage but i really am quite anxious of size/weighyt of baby..afraid they'll think im being dramatic/cheeky if i go in to hosp, would they scan me? should i ask doc(GP im going to in a while is dreadful) what he thinks?
spanishb2b Posts: 1261
Snuggler, I know that you've been worrying about this for some time now so I think that it's probably best that you do whatever you can to put your mind at ease. Maybe you could push the issue with the gp today and explain that you are quite concerned about the size of your baby. Now, I know that when I was with my gp the last time she was able to tell if the baby was 'normal' size as she said that my bp was certainly having no effect of the size of babs (high bp can result in smaller baby). Maybe this is why they haven't been concerned about the size of your baby - maybe they can tell that s/he is measuring correctly. However, it would've been nice of them to say it to you! Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is try not to worry (easier said than done, I know). Talk to the gp today and push for him/her to refer you for a scan to measure baby. Explain that you've been worried about it and that you would prefer to get a scan done to put your mind at ease. :action32
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Agree with everything Spanishb2b says. Speak with the gp today and push to have him refer you to hospital. I'm probably not the best one to give advice but I've learnt the very hard way if you are worried about anything go with what your instinct is telling you and from what you say yours is telling you to get checked out. I'm sure everything is normal, if they were concerned about the size of your bump they would have commented on it and done the measurements, so it would lead me to believe they think you are average size. If you are not happy after visiting with your gp, head into the hospital they will have no problem checking you over.
snuggler Posts: 1296
Thanks for your replies girls. I went up to surgery to see Gp , its open surgery on a Mon and there was 18 people waiting!! :ooh so secretary said to me best to come back Wed morn when quieter, Im would not have lasted waiting hours up there. So ive decided im gonna go Wed morn and state my concerns to the stand in doc and ask him to give me letter to be checked in Holles st. I know they would know by my size from check ups but they have not measured my bump last 2 visits or felt it really, just concentrated on the position of baby and scanned me for 2 secs to see if still breech.. just annoys me that they are not consistent with weighing/ measuring bump.fact that ive noticed i have not grown bump wise in few weeks. My chart has blanks some visits beside fundal measurement/weight which is how they are supposed to compare and see progress. Just quite concerned and hubby said too bout bump and he is Mr. laid back!! will see doc on Wed and try get letter to get checked before my visit on the 6th..sorry, not drama queen or anything just get worried and think too much x
snuggler Posts: 1296
double post
theoracle Posts: 7664
Hi snuggler. I am sure you will be fine pet. Some mummies just don't get a big bump. In fact, just recently when I was bringing dd1 to her ballet class the teacher handed a note out saying she is starting maternity leave - I nearly fainted, never realised she was pregnant at all!!! She had the smallest little curve, like I do when I overeat, she was just a very neat pregnancy. A friend of mine also just looked at 9 months as if somebody put a small football under her jumper, and her baby boy was a whopper! Over 5kg! Also, fundal height measurement is very approximate measure, which can be an indication of growth but it is not be all, in fact there was recently somebody here on P&G who was really worried because fundal height measurements showed no growth, and scan showed she had a rather big baby in there, she was just not having a huge bump. Saying all that, I completely understand where you are coming from, so it is best you get checked out because otherwise you will just not have that peace of mind, I just wanted to tell you that in all probability your baba is fine and thriving. :lvs
sumire2 Posts: 313
Snuggler I've to go in for a scan on Wednesday as they are concerned my bump is too small. My last visit was the first time they took a measurement and it was 28cm at 30 weeks. I was at my GP 3 weeks before the hospital apt & he didn't measure me but said my bump looked at bit small. Because of his comment & the fundal measurement they decided to give me an extra scan. But other then that I've had no measurements so there's nothing on my chart to show if baby has been normal size up till now. If I were you, I'd do a bit of a fundal measurement myself or get your OH to do it (I know I did one this morning out of curiousty to see if I've gotten bigger since last week). If you can feel the top of your womb just under your ribs, measure from the hard bit there down to your pubic bone. Obviously it's not going to be totally accurate but once it's within a few cm it might put your mind at ease. Also, if there was any big difference between your baby and average size they would of noticed in the quick scans, they are so used to looking at them all the time they must be able to know by sight if a baby is too small. I know it's hard not to worry but hopefully your fears will be eased soon.