Should I go into town? (Dublin)

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redsquirrel Posts: 391
Hope someone can advise me on this.... Would really love to get into town today for a few hours, maybe have some lunch etc and my bus route is working as normal. I am worried about getting home though (I live in Clonee, Dublin 15)What is town like at the moment? Are there huge q's for buses? What do you think?
samcro Posts: 738
I wouldn't risk it to be honest, you'd get in no problem but the majority of people will be leaving work early so the usual rush hour will prop start from 2pn onwards.. Maybe head to the Blanch centre instead?? I'm kinda in the same boat, I'm getting cabin fever here, I HAVE to get more presents but I can't leave my estate O:| O:| O:|
zoesmama Posts: 2774
I don't know - was hoping to go in tomorrow and meet DH for lunch etc but we have now decided not to do it. Too much hassle tbh.
realta Posts: 820
i wouldn't to be honest. i went to dundrum on monday late afternoon and ended up stranded there until eleven at night. i even went to the cinema by myself to kill time!!! :o0 the roads were chockerblock and no one was moving, you'd get into town fine but if the snow comes back you might be stranded! then again maybe it's worth the risk- if you have to stay in a hotel in dublin as an early xmas present then so be it >:o) :o0
sugarandspice Posts: 2378
absolutely not. not if you wanna get home. spent nearly 3 hours on a freezing cold bus last night and nearly cried when got home
stick Posts: 1229
if i were you i wouldnt amybe go to Blanchardstown. my mam and dad went to liffeyvalley this mornign and said the cr park hadnt been cleared of the snow the place was empty. seemingly they closed at 7 yesterday instead of 11
gottabfp Posts: 5641
I braved it yesterday, madness, it is just slush! very hard to walk in. I fell right down and almost fell a million times. The crowds arent bad at all. I got the train home, they were all packed, bus stops etc were packed. Avoid at all measures!
babs42 Posts: 78
I finished work yesterday at 3.30...had to walk to quay for a 70 as I live near Clonee....I got in the door at 8.15....believe me...there was loads I could have been doing... I think the other ladies are right...chance Blanchardstown instead..much safer too... Hope that helps.
redsquirrel Posts: 391
Oh no!!! That's not what I wanted to hear but thought I [i:v5bp51yr]may[/i:v5bp51yr] hear. It would be the no 70 bus also for us, how long were you actually on the bus to clonee??
babs42 Posts: 78
Sorry was the guts of 3 hours ...this was mainly due to the fact that cars couldn't get up the slope of the M50 the Gardai were making sure only one vehicle went up at a may be different today..but they did forecast more snow for later on...