Should I match Bm's colours to invites???

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shiraz Posts: 770
I was thinking of just having gold and cream as the colours of my invites :lvs .But My sister thinks I should match a ribbon or something as the same colour as the Bm's dress(teal green)on the invites.What do you think???
sandy13 Posts: 939
hi there, you dont have to its totally your choice but i did and i think it looks nice my bm are red and white and i done my invites in red and white, but i lot of people dont match them in with the bm, i was at 2 wedding's in august and they didnt match them up. sandy
ohsohappybride Posts: 3476
I matched mine up as well because we had the invites, mass booklets, place names, menus, thank you cards, etc all matching. Personal choice though.
charlotteyork Posts: 1275
Hi, we haven't sorted our BM dresses or invites yet, but I don't think that you do need to match them. TBH I don't think people even remember the colour of the invites by the time the wedding rolls round. Well, the close family do, but probably not everyone else.
noc Posts: 1802
I voted yes, but you don't [i:28x1tifm]have[/i:28x1tifm] to. It can be a nice touch though but as someone already said, many people won't notice at all so only do it if it pleases [i:28x1tifm]you[/i:28x1tifm]. I'm making my invitations so I chose black and ivory cos my BMs will be in black and I'll be in ivory.
bbbride Posts: 664
Dont have to match them up. It is hard to incorporate the teal into the colour scheme for invites. As long as you dont go for some totally different colour like red or pink. I think having gold and cream invites is nuetral.
gerbil Posts: 3528
wedding invitations tend to be nuetral in colour anyway - but no I certainly wouldn;t match them up not unless you absolutely want to. There is sucha thing as overkill imo and you can drive yourself batty with these niggly details. And remember the guests recieving the invitation have no idea that the ribbon is matching your BM dreses, they haven't seen ;em yet :)
anonbride08 Posts: 326
I have organised either of them yet but i wont be matching them up as i think it gives away the colour of the girls dresses - i would rather it be a total surprise!!! Its a personal choice though...
HarmattanRose Posts: 1444
I did my invites the colour of the bridemaid dress - Port - dark burgandy. Did them myself. Just did an A5 size card and embossed a cala lily on the side - highlighted with gold. Then put a cream marble insert on the card for the information. Posted them on Saturday and loads of people have text me to say they are really lovely and very different (don't know whether they are saying that just to be nice, but I think they genuinely like them). Some will suss they are the same as the BM dress but others won't even notice. It is really up to yourself. :wv
wannababba Posts: 1161
I think its down to your own personal choice, Id go with thatever I wanted, I have chosen to match them up and I got all the place cards and mass booklets etc etc to match up, but its your day so go with what you want not your bridesmaids O-O