Should I or shouldnt I???

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Garfield Posts: 89
Oh my head is wrecked. I'm in work not getting much done as i cant concentrate, wondering if i should nip to the chemist and get a test?? Not due until tomorrow though? Although im dying to test afraid of result being negative. Did first response early on in week and it was negative. What should i do???
MrsC2B Posts: 500
Waiting is tough, why don't you pick up a test on way home from work today and keep it until tomorrow morning - best time for testing is on your first pee though many tests now are so sensitive it doesn't matter what time. Try and hang tough until the morning anyway and hopefully you'll get the result you want then. Fingers crossed for you, bit late for me to be crossing anything else :lol:
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Best of luck Garfield, keep us posted on the results :wink:
tasket Posts: 306
Aaah garfield you poor thing, I know how hard it is, I drove myself mad the day or two before I tested! The test will be more conclusive 1st thing in the morning but if you really can't wait til then why don't you buy one of the kits with two tests in it - then you can do one today, if it's neg you can try again in the morning. Fingers crossed for you!!!