Should I tell my Boss now???

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Wild Child Posts: 1694
Hey Girls I'm 11weeks today and I was planning on telling my boss next monday at 12weeks but he came in today and he seems to be in a good you think I should tell him or hold out as long as I can??? What did all of you do???
short n sweet Posts: 1802
It's really up to you - if you think that today is good I would go for it and then you have it over and done and won't be worrying about telling him - I told my boss just after our early scan on DD - she had been so good to me when I had the MC that I knew she would be delighted and she was - if you don't want the rest of work to know just ask him not to say anything yet
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Oooh Wild Child - bit of dilemma there. Is he normally not in a good mood? I'm sure he will be delighted whatever stage you tell him. I told work at 17wks but told them I was 15wks and I really wish I'd held off until later as no-one had a clue and it makes it sooo much longer. That said if you have made up your mind to tell him at 12 wks, there isn't much time between 11 and 12 so I'd go for it. good luck
Millie- Posts: 490
wildchild, you'v had your early scan and all was well so maybe now is a good time to tell if he's in a good mood? or would a friday be better so he has the weekend to digest it? its a tough one - good luck either way and let us know how it went
Wild Child Posts: 1694
Toblerone - He is quite moody kinda reminds me of a child that was up all night at a sleepover sometimes! I dont know whats wrong with me I just cant seem to go in I'm really just worried its too early to tell but on the other hand I will have to tell soon because of appointments God I'm making this hard for myself!
lila Posts: 982
If I were you I would leave it as long as possible. He might be wondering why you were telling him early. You shouldn't have to tell him as hes in a good mood. I'm a manager and a girl that works for me told me at 10 weeks and to be honest I was surprised she was telling me so early. I would wait until you are the 12 weeks. Once you tell your boss, chances are the rest of the office will find out and then it will seem you have a long pregnancy. I waited to tell till I was about 17 weeks.
im waiting Posts: 2727
I don't think he'll care either way, as he probably doesn't have any concept if what's early in pregnancy. I actually think he'd be delighted for you, just like everyone else, after what you had to go through earlier in the year. If you want to tell him your good news, tell him but theirs no harm in waiting. As you know yourself, you don't have to tell them until 4 weeks before you intend to take maternity leave. Best of luck with your decision and best of luck with everything in your pregnancy :lvs
Hugz Posts: 410
I could be wrong but I think its 6 weeks before you intend to take maternity leave that you have to tell management/HR etc.
mtv Posts: 935
had to tell my boss to give him the two weeks notice of hospital apt. he was in foul humour even though it was friday. he said "right" and i got no other reaction off him so that was great. (honestly). i wasn't expecting kind words or anything, so i am totally relieved. its a weight off my shoulders. edited because of spelling
suitcase of hopes and dreams Posts: 2932
Well did ya tell him hun??