Should I TTC sooner rather than later?

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WifeZilla Posts: 1222
Girls, just thinking these past few weeks and am kind of for and against trying for a baby shortly after we're married..even on the honeymoon perhaps. One of the best points is the obvious - a little baby made by us! WE're not getting hitched until Sept 2007 but here are some of my other worries..:- - H2B will be 39 when we're married. I'll be going on 31. He'll be turning 40 on our year's anniversary (please God), so I don't want him old and wrinkled by the time we start having babies. - We'll have been together 4 yrs when we're married - should we have a few years together as man and wife to enjoy married life? I know a man can still father a child until his last days on earth, but it's the fact that our kid would be in their teens and daddy would be in his 60's! :shock: Maybe it's something silly i should'nt be worrying about. H2b thinks it's funny i'm being like this and being the eternal joker keeps saying he'll be "ditching the rubber and throwing the lad in au natural" from the wedding night! He defo wants babies and so do I but i'm just confused when to have them! Maybe time will tell and it'll just come along without having to think things through...!
Miss Sunshine Posts: 1128
[quote:trg09eq8]"ditching the rubber and throwing the lad in au natural" [/quote:trg09eq8] :shock: :lol: :lol: If i were you i'd ttc straight away but to be honest its a totally personal choice that people have to make. If you think of it like it could take up to a year for you to get pregnant and in that case you'll be 32 or whatever. its not old for you but as you said maybe your husband will be pushing on. Its totally up to yourself. No one can tell you to do either. best of luck whatever you decide
AislinnS Posts: 1253
My mother was 40 when she had me. My FMIL gave birth to her youngest, a surprise, at 45. Neither of us feels hard done by - the opposite, in fact. Don't worry about him being 60 and having teenage kids. It's the fact that people are good or bad parents that really counts. My parents lied to me about their age when I was young, thinking that I'd be embarassed to have "over the hill" parents. I was even prouder of them when I found out their actual ages :)
Mu Posts: 90
Yes but having babies at 40 or 45 is the exception rather than the rule. I don't think many people wait until they are that age on purpose ifywim...... Bridey I suppose you have to ask yourself what are you waiting for? Also if you plan to have more than one I would try sooner rather than later....good luck with your decision :)
charli Posts: 5994
id try sooner rather than later but only cos i have a 2 1/2year old and know how much she changed our lives!! :lol: i had her at 27 (and we didnt plan her) but i actually feel that it was really the best thing for us as if i didnt have her then i would have waited until after my wedding and would be 31/32 - not that that is old, but just for me i am thrilled that i had that rather unexpected surprise and this way i can plan my 2nd baby for after the wedding
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I really like Mu's response "what are you waiting for"-I should really take it on board too. Being a planner has its disadvantages,IMO I would start ttc on honeymoon none of us are getting any younger. BTW being man & wife is not really any different you have been together for 4 years and I presume you are living together too.You will still enjoy the buzz of being man & wife just with an added extra if you are lucky first off.
Lorr06 Posts: 214
I hadnt planned on having any kids until I got married but as u can see from below that didnt happen. It was the best thing ever and summit Im really glad happened. I would do it all again (if we could afford it) but decided next one wont make an appearance until after the wedding. I say go for it...try on ur honeymoon and as was already suggested, it dosnt always happen 1st time u try, may take a while. My FMIL was 36 having H2B and FFIL was 40...... Lorr
Roni Posts: 70
I would definately advise you to start ttc sooner rather than later. Everyone presumes they will just "get pregnant" when they decide the time is right but its not as easy as that!!! You wont know if there are any problems until you start trying, not that im saying that ye would have problems but its not as easy as it seems. Good luck to you whatever you decide and only you can decide when the time is right!