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shellbellxxx Posts: 133
hi girls, the friday before last i was in the hospital due to bleeding, i was in the epu friday gone and had my scan.. all was perfect, heartbeat was there and the bleeding had stopped (wasnt much, just when i wiped) last night i started to bleed again O:| very light again just when i wipe, but iv also got a bit of back pain and some niggly pains just under my belly.. not the type of pain that makes me want to take a painkiller but just enough to notice its there if that makes sence.. are these type of niggly pains normal?? a friend said its my uterus stretching.. i dont know whether im over reacting with this being my first baby or not.. rang the epu this morning but still waiting on the doctor to ring me back..
Piggle Posts: 1770
Hey hun, Awh i hope you are ok, if you had seen a heartbeat it dramatically reduces your chances of miscarriage! So fingers crossed!
shellbellxxx Posts: 133
thanks piggle, am so worried about it... cant believe it, 54 views and only 1 response.. thanks so much for taking the time to respond, really depressed with it all and just cant enjoy being pregnant.. :thnk
star13 Posts: 291
I had daily bleeding for about 3 wks form wk 5 on and another bleed at 12 weeks, was in epu, had scans and thank goodness all is still well at 21 wks. It was very scary and worrying at the time. Please God all will be fine for you, thinking of you.
shellbellxxx Posts: 133
thanks ajc, its encouraging to hear people with similar stories :thnk
blue_ Posts: 44
I had similar symptoms when I was about 6 weeks, with really horrible cramps into my back that seemed to be coming in waves- was convinced it was all over- all turned out to be fine, but its the most horrible scary thing in the world- If you are really worried, just go back to emergency room and get another scan- thats what I had to do and it put my mind at ease instantly Dont worry you will start to enjoy your pregnancy, but I know that until 12 weeks every day seems like an eternity. Take care :xxx
shellbellxxx Posts: 133
thanks blue, think i mightb just go in tonight if they get any worse.. :thnk
MrsB2007 Posts: 519
Hey pet, Hope you're feeling better. I know a girl who bled every day from week 7-12 and she gave birth 2 months ago to a very healthy baby. I had brown discharge on this pg early on and on DS I bled very heavy although I was 25 weeks at the time so blood isn't necessarily always bad. Hope you're ok :xxx
shellbellxxx Posts: 133
im just hoping il be one of those girls that goes through this.. have another scan in the morning that il be attending on my own so am hoping it goes well..
Princess_Jess Posts: 445
shellbell would it be possible you have a kidney infection?? i had one last week, and my symptoms were the same as yours. hope your feeling a bit better wither way x