Should kids be invited?

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linda987 Posts: 3
I’m currently undecided if I’ll invite my sisters and brothers’ children to our wedding there are 14 kids in total!! I feel like I have to invite them but I don’t want it to turn into a crèche with several high chairs for the meal. Has anyone got any suggestions
SpringChicken87 Posts: 14
My friend is getting married and saying no Kids. get something entertain them. Also I am giving people the option to bring children, but they may want a night off from children too. It is a tough one on the one hand you may offend people and the other you want to make sure everyone you want there shows up.
cillcakes Posts: 174
Only you know really how your brothers and sisters will react in the long run if you decide on no kids .like other post I invited couples kid so couple would come instead of babysitting issues .most parents myself included want to enjoy themselves too and get kids minded after meal . Most importantly it's your day your wedding u have to do what you want and not listen to 2 many opinions or it gets stressful
linda987 Posts: 3
Thanks for the replies. I think my brothers and sisters have already taken it for granted that their kids will be there as at previous sibling weddings in the past they had their children there but there wasn’t as many children back then as there is for my wedding.
zenlife Posts: 12
this is a tough one - personally as a mom myself: i wouldn't be the least bit offended if my kids weren't invited as then i can really enjoy the day without having to worry about the kids wandering off, bothering other guests, injuring themselves, being sick or being bored. But maybe other parents have a different opinion. Most kids would even prefer to be at a friends house for a sleepover that night so I would try for the "no kids" option and if a parent still wants to or has to bring their child, let them. But they will have to sort out the responsibility aspect of it themselves.
black pearl Posts: 3513
Very difficult one! Maybe drop the hint in front of them oh we are discussing no kids at the wedding so get the babysitters ready to see how they will react ? Currently can't attend a family wedding here on nye as no kids allowed and I have nobody to mind