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marriedLife Posts: 1881
Hi All, I just to love sneaking a peak over in P&B when I was TCC and a thread I loved was the Name Game where people listed the names of the last three babies born they knew. Was thinking we should start this going again by: 1. Naming the last three babies names you've know who have being born 2. Your favorite names I am starting to think of names much to be HB dismay as he doesn't think we should start yet incase we jinx anything but I'm so excited I can't help it so would love to get some ideas and hear what others are naming their baby. [u:lvjot0z4][b:lvjot0z4]Last Three Babies I Know Born[/b:lvjot0z4][/u:lvjot0z4] [b:lvjot0z4]Girls:[/b:lvjot0z4] Ruby, Lilly, Sarah [b:lvjot0z4]Boys:[/b:lvjot0z4] Bobby, Ryan, Ciaran [u:lvjot0z4][b:lvjot0z4]Names I like[/b:lvjot0z4][/u:lvjot0z4] [b:lvjot0z4]Girls:[/b:lvjot0z4] Mia, Lilly [b:lvjot0z4]Boys:[/b:lvjot0z4] Luke, Bobby (finding boys names hard... always loved Bobby but friend just called her baby that :o( )
crazylady10 Posts: 539
[b:t2ov4wzd][u:t2ov4wzd]Last 3 babies born i know[/u:t2ov4wzd][/b:t2ov4wzd] Girls: abigail, Laila, Keelin Boys: Alfie, oliver, Ciaran [u:t2ov4wzd][b:t2ov4wzd]Names i like[/b:t2ov4wzd][/u:t2ov4wzd] Girls: Caoimhe, Saoirse, Amy, Ava Boys: Eoghan, Caolan, Oisin, Donnacha
mummyinlove10 Posts: 908
Boys : Alex, Killian, Christopher Girls Julie, Grace, Ruby [b:3dgaxmig]names i like [/b:3dgaxmig] Jack, Eoin, Sam, Christopher Erin, Mia, Robin/Robyn, Ruth love these threads me & DH agree on girls names but the boys are harder i find - may get some new inspiration here :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
happymam2b Posts: 20
Boys: Liam, Tom, Donnchadh Girls: Ellen, Alva (not so many girls born recently) Names I like: No idea. It's a tough thing to decide.
serenity Posts: 3675
[u:2gn6d3e6][b:2gn6d3e6]Last 3 babies born I know:[/b:2gn6d3e6][/u:2gn6d3e6] Boys: Senan, Luke & Matthew Girls: Ruby, Isabella & Emmy [u:2gn6d3e6][b:2gn6d3e6]My fav 3 names:[/b:2gn6d3e6][/u:2gn6d3e6] Boys: Jamie, Alex, Luke Girls: Isabelle, Ava, Jessica I find it really tough choosing boys... But I LOVE so many girls names!!!
babybaker Posts: 522
last three babies: Ruby Sadhbh Daniel my names: Henry Freya or Aine
volvic35 Posts: 1118
[b:2y751ia8]Last 3 Names Girls/Boys[/b:2y751ia8] Girls: Ruby,Amber,Hannah, Boys: Cody,Jacob,Oliver [b:2y751ia8]Names I like[/b:2y751ia8] Girls: Amy,Olivia,Grace,Eve Boys: Luke, Alex,Shay, Ryan Its hard though we keep changing our minds
Playful123 Posts: 385
Last 3 Names Girls/Boys Girls: Julia, Vanessa, Evie Boys: Jack, Rian, Taighe Names I like Am stuck on idea at all yet!!
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
Last 3 names: Boys: Daniel, Sean and Maxamilliano Girls: Cara, Libby and Lauren Names we like DH: Lauren, Nicole, Robyn ME: Georgia, Charlotte, Ruby, Grace We cannot agree on a name at all disaster!!!!
Sassy Posts: 2269
Last 3 names Boys Robert, Kian, Liam Girls Eily, Helena, Laragh Names I like Girls Abbey, Emma, Amy Boys Joshua, Ryan