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Lucky Mrs Posts: 1167
I've completely changed my hair style, the Dannii Minogue one did nothing for me & having my hair down was too annoying so we decided on this messy upstyle. I needed something to frame my face & so s I'm not having my hair down I'm not going with the side hairband or hair comb need a small tiara or something, I don't want any princessy ones or crowns Can you show me yours if you're having one & would you mind telling me where you are getting it & what price they are as don't want to spend much, maybe around €50 or something like that I tried on a few when I bought my dress but none of them really caught my eye & I am not wearing a veil either This is my new hairstyle, BTW thats not me in the pic [attachment=1:ln1n8527]upstyle.JPG[/attachment:ln1n8527] [attachment=0:ln1n8527]upstyle 2.JPG[/attachment:ln1n8527]
Lucky Mrs Posts: 1167
Thanks for that, No I don't think the flower would suit me or my dress My dress is trudy lee 58181 so has alot of detail in it, I might think about putting a few diamontes in my hair??
Sodapop Posts: 3220
I had sparkle clips in my hair and a tiara (small one) - loved it! Tiara was soooo comfortable - I was worried it would hurt me! (wore my hair in loose curls - long length) Tiara was under 50 from website (mydreamwedding) and I got the clips from a stall/stand in Powerscourt Shopping Centre.