Show = mucus plug= labour???????

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aglorgleanbh Posts: 103
As you can see from topic I'm a first timer!! So haven't a clue except from what I read & then you get so many variations, think it's better to hear off real people!!! Anyway have been getting a 'show' since this morning after having a sweep. So I'm just wondering is the show the same as the mucous plug & if so will I go into labour in the next few days??? All/any opinions/advice welcome! Thanks in advance! Exciting times but a bit scary as have no idea what to expect! Hope everybody is well ! :wv
Excitedwife Posts: 1186
I had some pains then plug gone at about 6pm and DD born the following afternoon!! :o)ll Best of luck and don't be scared, it is soooo amazing :lvs
blueboots Posts: 833
Ohh exciting... I had my show wed morning, contractions started thur morning and DS was born fri morning. Relax while you can :wv
BallerinaBride09 Posts: 610
As far as I know a show is blood tinged discharge, a mucous plug is much bigger. You'll know it when you see it, it's kinda gross!! I had a show in the morning (less than 24hrs after a sweep), I had regular but light pains from the afternoon onwards but was able to sleep, woke up at 3am and lost my mucous plug, then my waters broke. Little lady was born at 10pm that night. It means your body is getting ready but it could be a day or a week. Best of luck, you'll be holding your little bundle before too long!!!!!
Little Boss Posts: 131
Am a first-timer too. Got a "show" last wk (Wed) and was convinced I'd be on my way before long. Hardly slept that night. Had apt with consultant the following eve and he said "It can be something, and it can be nothing. Better to get it than not" but also said that it can be up to wk and half before anything happens too. Am 5 days on from mine and apart from irregular BH every now and then, there's nothing else stirring. It's exciting times tho;)
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
My mucus plug went and I didn't go into labour for another 10 days. By the way was it a bloody show or clear?
Little Boss Posts: 131
Mine was pink mucus in the morning and blood in the evening. Nothing since, why?
Rose31 Posts: 24
Was 8 days over and at 6 pm checked into hospital for an induction that night . At 7pm I lost my muscus plug and eventually when put on monitor they told me I was having contractions. I could'nt feel them but during the night they got more intense.Water was broken at 10.00am the following morning and then induction began born 10.00pm xxxxxxxxxxxx wishing you all the best ....not long now for baby to arrive x
aglorgleanbh Posts: 103
Oh exciting times alright, can't wait to see little baby's face! :o)ll But every pain I feel, even those in my legs I think they are related !!! :yelrotflmaosmilie: Mucus plug is still coming and it's clear if that makes any difference????????? And yes it is gross! :o0 I was saying to DH that it was gross & he said you have no idea what's ahead of you! Not that he does either mind you but I thought he's right!!!! :o0 :o0 According to the books, the waters are next but sur that mightn't happen at all !! I'm half afraid to leave the house for fear something will happen!!! :o0 Nice to have a chance to chill at home as well for a few days! Thanks for all the info girlies. YOu can't beat real experience! :thnk :thnk :thnk
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
[quote="Little Boss":3i1te235]Mine was pink mucus in the morning and blood in the evening. Nothing since, why?[/quote:3i1te235] Midwife said to ring hospital if you have a bloody show. There will by bloody veins through the mucus but you shouldn't be bleeding.