Show us ur dress & bridesmaids

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*seahorse Posts: 1122
Bridesmaids; [img:388gpmrv][/img:388gpmrv] and mine [img:388gpmrv][/img:388gpmrv]
mcd08 Posts: 425
The pink in the bridesmaids dress goes lovely with the detial on yours! Glad you made your decision - you're very organised! I've just started the dress hunt and it isn't easy - keep changing my mind from straight to puffy now on princessy style! Glad you found the one for you.
sunsparks Posts: 2196
These are mine (any excuse!) [img:3bjnccgs][/img:3bjnccgs] and [img:3bjnccgs][/img:3bjnccgs] (with an amethyst belt) Wearing a Stacey Hannan headpiece (grecian style) with loose half-up curls. And these shoes: [img:3bjnccgs][/img:3bjnccgs]
mcd08 Posts: 425
Sunsparks your dress is gorgeous! I love these posts, havent bought mine yet but cant wait!