show us your bridesmaid dresses please!!!!!!!!

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terribride Posts: 627
Hey girls, just wondering what type of bridesmaid dresses are you getting. It would be great inspiration!!!! I've 3 Bridesmaids all very different shapes and colourings :? Hoping to keep them all happy :)
Gallifrey Posts: 472
Hi terribride, Here is a pic of my BM dresses. Got them in Ice Blue. They arrived into the shop the other week and I have to get into see them.......can't wait [img:h64lwnzy][/img:h64lwnzy]
MrsVegas Posts: 414
SanFranBride Posts: 212
Here you go: ... D032ft.jpg Now just need to decide on a color
terribride Posts: 627
Thanks ladies, those dresses are lovely. Are all of your bridesmaids wearing the same style dress? I was thinking since my 3 bridesmaids are so different in size, I couldn't see them all liking the one dress :? Sanfran bride I'm thinking of Lavender as the colour, and my FG's could wear white dresses with a lavender ribbon around their waists. HTH Keep em coming......
scotswedding Posts: 2829
[quote:181mcou0] I was thinking since my 3 bridesmaids are so different in size, I couldn't see them all liking the one dress :? [/quote:181mcou0] I think it looks much better to have different styles of dress in the same material when you have a few bridemaids [a la the girls in S&TC for Charlotte's wedding!] Different necklines- strapless/halter/sweetheart -and different lenghts should allow for difference in taste/bodyshape etc.
Hellothere2010 Posts: 2358
Hi girls, I thought about different styles for my bridesmaids as I am having three and they are all completely different shapes. So i went looking at dresses and I have been advised everywhere I go that it's a bad idea to get different stayle dresses (even if in the same fabric). You may have a larger sized girl in the group or maybe have a shy girl and if you put them in different styles then they will stand out more. Also if you have a detailed wedding dress then you need to keep your bridemaids simple. One bit of advice - it's your day, you pick the dresses. If they dont want to wear them then get a different bridesmaid. I know that this sounds cruel but Im sure if it was the other way around we would do whatever our bridesmaids would ask. You are the one that has to look at the photos forever and you want everything right. Luckily my girls will wear anything I ask of them so I am very lucky. I have been warned in so many bridal shops (especally when I go in there alone) to be very careful of what I choose for the bridesmaids and to not let them dictate. In one shop y girls were told "you are the brides maids for the day - you do what she says and you help in anyway that you can - this day is not about you and your hair ir dress its all about the bride and groom". This was harsh but got the point across. You'll probably all hate me now for being so direct but Im just telling you my experiences.
brideaug06 Posts: 241
Hello, this is mine. My aunt is making them but its based on a Dessy Dress my bridesmaids tried on. Colour is very similar also. [img][img] Well that didn't work - its on style number 1996
stockbroking bride Posts: 2642
We'll lets all be thankful we're not bridesmaids to LivDec2007. Anyone willing to take a bet that a certain someone will be showing up her in about 18 months time looking for advice on how to sack a bridesmaid?!?
Hellothere2010 Posts: 2358
thanks stockbroking bride. As I said in my post Im only telling you what was said to us in many bridal shops. i would never put my girls in anything that they would be uncomfortable in. They will look lovely on the day Im sure. If you read other posts on WOL you will see may many brides that are in pieces because of their bridesmaids. Im just pointing out that bridesmaids should be there to help not to create problems.